FOP and Don Draper Pomade

These wonderful pomades are made in Germany.

Let’s start off with FOP, Free Of Petroleum. “Soft, modern, water-based hair pomade for the natural look. With a grapefruit scent and design of the 1930’s.” The scent is not straight to the point grapefruit but just a nice warm sort of all around citrus scent. Color is a somewhat light combination of Suavecito and Railcars colors, a transparent light red tinted brown.


Consistency is a very light tackiness of a finger rub which will lead to a nice application of your hair. Though not containing any petroleum, this pomade can be combed at any time, reminding you of those classic products from times before. This pomade is what seems to be the fine line. It will not give you helmet head nor leave you with that “my hair is melting again” feeling. The washout will leave your hair soft and healthy as one of its ingredients is coconut oil and comes in 7 oz. containers.


On to the (Dapper Dan) Don Draper Pomade. Made without any artificial colors or preservatives and vegan friendly. Scented between a Rusak Pomade and Murray’s Super Light. The pomade is very easy to scoop out which takes makes me rate it more as a lighter medium. Great for slick-backs, jelly rolls and pompadours, adding that great coconut oil sheen amongst the hold.  Application is effortless as is styling with this pomade.



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