Admiral is a quality driven, independent brand, focused on delivering barber products that represent us, our customers and our California roots.

To us, a Barbershop is truly an American staple. It’s a place that connects us to our past, present and future. It’s a place where stories are told and made. Being a barber isn’t about wealth or success, but an art. A social art that has been passed down through generations. It all starts and finishes with the customer. building strong relationships and trust. Admiral is a brand born of this idea, that not only the cut, but the products these Barbers use are vital in building those lasting connections with their customers.

We knew from the beginning we had to have a sense of pride in the quality and ingredients that went into our products. Our mission was to develop not just a pomade, but a fully sustainable brand that could support these entrepreneurs in their daily routine, all along, striving to influence and inspire while staying true to our roots.

Admiral All-Purpose Barber Comb- Front