The art of applying products and chemicals to your hair in order to attract the opposite sex has been around thousands of years. Maybe even millions of years (if you're into that). It was only a matter of time before someone turned this art into a business opportunity.

Pomade was invented as a way to bottle up a waxy recipe that had the power to tame locks to a desired look. Comb overs. Slick backs. Duck tails. Pompadours. Even mohawks. These recipes came in different strengths, different capabilities, and, most importantly for some, different fragrances.

Today, there are literally hundreds of pomade and grooming product companies that exist that offer unique formulas to attract your personal taste. So many exist, in fact, that it is almost impossible to know about them all. I will change that. is a site that has rounded up all the pomades and grooming products of the world in one place for you to browse and choose from. Beyond that, makes it cheap and affordable for you to buy.

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