American Pomade Original Sin Review

American Pomade Original Sin pomade is a traditional style oil and wax based pomade. At first touch when scooping this grease out of it's tin can I thought to myself this is going to be a heavy wax pomade, but to my surprise it broke down into an easy to comb cream immediately once I started working it into my palms. This pomade caters well to those looking for a light to medium hold grease depending on the quantity to hair ratio. Original Sin's fragrance isn't quite what I expected at all. It's lack of perfume leaves a slight hint of petroleum jelly and beeswax sweetened up with a dash of coconut. My friend and I were laughing when we both agreed that American Pomade Original Sin's smell reminded us of powdered donuts(then again we were both hungry at the time)!

I would recommend American Pomade Original Sin pomade to someone with medium to medium long hair looking for a low shine and soft medium hold pomade without a strong fragrance. It lasts throughout the day and can be re-combed if you decide to drive a little to fast in a convertible!

American Pomade Original Sin Review 



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