About Mr. Pomade

It started with just one love that was unconditional and supremely focused. It was a love of pomade for my hair. That rich feeling of putting in a creamy pomade and making the hair on my head obey my commands with a simple flick of the comb was enough. It was effortless to create a style that suited me. It was also simple to change that style whenever I pleased. These styles and these pomades gave me new life each and every day. Walking out the front door I would leave my house knowing that I could take each day on with swagger, confidence and power. I was my own man and the world was going to see that.

My collection of pomades grew from a handful to an amazing wall of products in my house. You could see it from the living room and the kitchen. My passion was consuming me and I soon found myself talking about it to family members, friends, neighbors, friend of friends, random strangers, people on internet forums and once a police officer who decided to skip the ticket but that is another story...

My passion spiraled out of control at this point and I decided to start a website to put these products in one place with information cataloged easily for all to see. I already had developed a strong relationship with some of these companies and it was a good fit working with them.

I started with a handful of my favorite pomades and created a small online shop that showcased these brands. I described them to my best ability and shared them with the world. It was a quiet shop and I was more interested in connecting with people and talking about these pomades than I was selling them or making profit. It was a hobby. Then, as the pomade world grew and I started to bring in more and more brands and products my humble little corner of the internet exploded.

More and more companies were emerging from everywhere around the world trying to get a piece of the pomade game. My collection grew, my client base grew and my love for these brands, products and people grew at the same rate.

I am now proud to offer an amazingly mountainous amount of brands. With the induction of our favorite brands starting to offer other hair products, shaving products and beard products my inventory snowballed. It has been a wild ride getting here and I am very proud of what I have been able to build for you. This is your one-stop shop for all your grooming needs now.

Some ask me why carry all these different products or if it is overwhelming with such a large number of pomades and I always say the same thing: “I carry these brands to offer my friends what they need. Everyone is different and each pomade brings something unique and special to the table. There are no two alike. They all rock in their own way”.

Mr. P