I am currently in the process of prospecting for a wider array of fine pomades and grooming products. It will be a tough search to be sure.

I have already gotten the most sought after and popular pomades available and out of the way.You have your Imperial Barber Products, Suavecito Pomades, a fine collection of DAX products, your traditional run-of-the-mill Murray's. Those and more are available now for you to order here on Pomade.com.

Now, I am digging deeper and seeking out those harder-to-get pomades to make available to you. I determined in making his site the premier place where you can go for all your grooming needs. 

Only the finest to be sure. Whether through legal or illegal methods, I will get these to you. (I have some smuggling experience) Stay tuned. I will announce products as they are acquired.

If you have any in mind, be sure to leave your leads in the comment section.


Mr. Pomade

Purveyor for Pomade.com



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