Hey guys, i wanted to change things up a bit for this next blog post. Instead of writing about a pomade or conducting an interview I thought I would share something different with you. I will try and post a series of blogs on topics we find interesting here around the office. For the first post I thought I would share with you one of my favorite breweries because who doesn't like a good beer.

Where: Escondido, CA

Links: www.stonebrew.com


One of my favorite local breweries that i really enjoy visiting is Stone. Not only do they have some of the best beer, their bistro is amazing. Everything on the menu that i have tried has been delicious. While you are there make sure to take a tour of the brewery, the tour guides are always super cool and very knowledgeable. You get four different samples of beer at the end of the tour which is awesome. This is a great place to have great beer and great food in a beautiful setting. Highly recommend this place, always a good time.


BBQ Duck Tacos with Rice and Beans, delicious!




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