Mister Pompadour

Mister Pompadour believes in always Looking Sharp and Being Confident.  We all know that making a first impression happens in a matter of seconds...”

Founded in Raleigh, NC and developing premium grade hair products for those who want and deserve better hair care and style performance.

Sculpting Clay: Volume without the hassle of being weighed down. Adding texture, body and overall body for a medium and semi-matte clay.

Moroccan Texture Paste: A non-stiff nor rigid medium hold that you don`t want to put the lid back on. Ideal for shorter hair, but will also work perfectly with longer hair. This paste contains coconut and Moroccan argan oil to help moisturize hair that might be dry or damaged.

Peppermint Pomade: A pomade for finger or fine toothed combing. This pomade has a balanced medium hold and a touch of high shine and a great peppermint scent.



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