Pinaud|Clubman Beard Care

Think you've tried them all? Well here are some more goodies to please you from Pinaud|Clubman. With their beard balm, beard oil and 2-in-1 beard conditioner coming in to the Mr. Pomade stock.  

Let's start off with the Beard Balm which is a styling and conditioning beard wax. Not overly waxy and has a pleasant scent. Best recommended for beards over 3 months and to wear this during the day and use the beard oil at night. Great for holding that beard in place. 

If you are needing less hold help and just want to moisturize those hairs, go with the Beard Oil. Helping you to relieve that dry skin and help with that uncomfortable itch. Lending a light shine carefully applying a drop or two at a time during application.

Now the 2-in-1 is exactly what it claims to be., skin care and beard groom. Formulated with special blend of coconut oil, soy protein and panthenol, soothing irritation and frizzle. If you are wanting more hold or going for a desired style, remember that the beard wax will come in handy.

There is no better feeling then having a good looking beard that feels even better.  



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