Boardwalk Pomade

With a story beginning from a Huntington Beach EMT who was tired of a rigorous hair schedule and finally being introduced to what is, pomade. Needing something that could last as long as his sometimes 24 hour shifts. Telling his brother (who happens to be a CEO of a manufacturing company) about his recent enthusiastic find, his brother asked to see what it was. His brother then said that he could make something less expensive and just as strong. 

After rigorous testing and finding out, that many of the water based pomades out there damaged more then helped, they decided to start from scratch. In order to promote healthier hair and skin they decided to make a pomade completely out of Aloe Vera.

Months of failures made it look like an average pomade was the only cost effective thing that could be produced. Despite the discouragement and knowing that failures fuel future accomplishments the decision to continue availed. On the very next batch the formula that is Boardwalk pomade was discovered. 

Original Pomade - A water soluble and made with aloe vera medium holding pomade. Little to no tug and great for men and women alike. 

Strong Hold Pomade -  A stronger holding pomade with the same ease of application as the original. A water soluble for high pompadours and precision styling and  the same great scent as the original. 

Scent: Smells like a wonderful sweet aloe vera cologne that was done just right.  

- Proudly Made in the U.S.A -






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