Lox Hair Wax Co's Battle Wax

Battle Wax is a fine hair and beard pomade. Hand crafted by VETERANS using all natural ingredients with local beeswax to get your hair and beard right. Battle Wax is a non greasy pomade that doesn't have the appearance of your everyday hair and beard grooming aid. Hand crafted, it looks like creamy mashed potatoes, with a nice sweet scent that is wonderfully not over-barring. Something of a syrup or apple butter type of sweetness. This seems like more of a conditioning pomade as its on the lighter holding side of a medium. A hold that perfect for a beard and hair aid. Add a bit more for extra strength. It will leave you feeling comfortable in your hair all day long, using essential oils that help reduce hair loss and boost hair growth. Battle Wax is brought to you by Lox Hair Wax Co. Made in the USA. 



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