Big Slick Grooming Tonic

I bring to you the original scent of sweet basil, mandarin and tea tree for this Big Slick product. Now this is one of those all around grooming aids that you can use as a styling primer, scalp treatment, beard oil, pre-shave oil, or aftershave. Most will tend to use this tonic as scalp treatment. Works wonders and gives a classy appearance to hair.

Do you not really feel like putting in a pomade today, or are indifferent about which to use? Knock out that dry hair look with a couple drops. Finding out that a new purchase wasn't right for your hair, or getting tired of what's already in your hair? This can also act as and aid to break up build up or revive what's in there. Funny how that works. 

This grooming tonic is a handmade product made with Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Essential Oils. All ingredients to enrich hair and skin. 




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