Barber Fabian doing what he does best.

Fabian Redondo or as most of you might know him on Instagram as, @barber_fabian, was kind enough to do a little interview with us.

Currently cutting out of :
The Modern Man
5018 NE 22nd Ave
Portland, OR 97211


Mr. Pomade: How long have you been a barber and what`s the story behind it?

Fabian Redondo: I've been cutting hair for a little over 5 years now. I guess I got into it when I was 19. I cut off my hair that I'd grown for 3 years and started to slick it back, got into the whole pomade and slick haircut thing and became obsessed with traditional hairstyles and being at the barbershop. I went every week to get cleaned up at this local barbershop in Sweetwater, Miami. It was this OG Cuban barber named Boris that cut my hair, he asked me why I didn't just become a barber since I seemed to liked being in the shop so much. At the time I was learning about Layrite and Donnie Hawley and Hawleywoods barbershop and I was blown away at everything he was doing, so it just clicked. This is what I want to do. 


Mr. Pomade: What has helped you learn how to cut /fade hair well?

Fabian Redondo: Man, a good mentor/instructor is always really helpful and luckily I had some great people guiding me. My instructor at school Joel Reyes @joeldabarber75 could bang out any haircut you want and explain it in a way that stuck and always made sure we knew how to keep a clean and functional shop. Taught us good habits and good service. Then later, when I started at "New York barbershop" which eventually was changed to "Vice City Barbershop", William Garcia @illskillwill and Hamlet Garcia @inthecut305 helped me really pay close attention to detail and sharpen my techniques. They were so precise and detailed with their work. I wanted that and tried everyday to get to their level. They made my passion grow, and treated me like family since day one. Passion and good people behind you gets you places. I miss that shop. I also have OCD hahaha, so I sit there and nitpick at little things that look off to me until I feel it looks right. Like little shadows n such. Details, details, details. Sometimes I feel like I look like a weirdo while styling because I'm so meticulous and focused on how the hair should look. You should see my station I have to have it organized in a very specific way or it'll throw me off and drive me crazy hahaha. I digress, yeah, like my mentors told me "it's all in the details" that's what keeps the clients smiling and coming back.. well that and a cold beer hah. 



Mr. Pomade: How do you go about choosing which pomade to use in a customers finished cut?

Fabian RedondoIt all depends. If they have thick hair I'll go for a stronger hold like Layrite Super Hold or Uppercut deluxe. Most of the time I reach for the Original Layrite, I love that stuff. Its the OG of w/s pomades how could you go wrong. If they want a dry matte look I use ADH Dry it's @Andrewdoeshair's product it's legit. I recently tried Prospectors Pomade that stuffs pretty incredible. Also I think I should note, the key to a good hairstyle that will hold all day and shape right is using a blow dryer before product application. Can't stress how important blow drying can be for styling. I blow dry almost every hairstyle I do before product.


Mr. Pomade: Who cuts your hair?

Fabian Redondo I have my head shaved now so usually anyone at the shop who has time for a hot towel head shave haha. I've always let different people cut it. 


Mr. Pomade: Any pomade that you haven`t tried out yet and wanted to, and your top 3?


Fabian Redondo: Man, I really wanna try the line of Schmiere pomades, I've really been diggin wax based lately, I also know The Iron Society has a w/s in the works that's gonna be sick. I hear great things about Goon Grease too would like to try that. Top 3: Layrite, The Iron Society, and ADH Dry. Layrite because it's so versatile, it's the original water soluble pomade and that crown can't be taken from it, I think it's the best water soluble out there hands down. The Iron Society pomade is a wax based that I love for it's hold and scent, it's got the perfect amount of shine and hold for almost any hair texture and has a masculine scent even Bruce Willis would approve of. And ADH Dry because it's the perfect Matte pomade, it leaves the hair full of texture and extremely matte, it also has a great clean scent with a nice complimenting hold. 


Mr. Pomade: . Lets talk about the ICUTPRO.
                        - How have the cuts been going with that?
                        - What machines/tools are you working with currently?

Fabian Redondo: The ICUTPRO Skeleton trimmer is great. It's really precise and always leaves real sharp outlines without hurting the client or irritating the skin. My set up is my Wahl Seniors, the ICUTPRO Skeleton trimmer, Wahl sterling cordless mag trimmer, and Oster Model 10's. For shears it's a Hanzo 6 inch and Filarmonicas 7.5 inch for shear over comb and some basic thinning shears.

Tools of the craft.

Mr. Pomade: Would you name some of the places you`ve had the pleasure of cutting?

Fabian Redondo: Currently only Miami, Portland, Seattle, Las Vegas and LA but that one was just for the homies haha. 




Mr. Pomade: Barbers you admire?

Fabian Redondo: Oh man, so many. I try to take inspiration from many different barbers and their different styles. Everyone cuts so differently. There's so much room to learn in this

business it's hard not to admire everyone for their uniqueness and the things that makes them stand out. Here's a few..

Hamlet Garcia @inthecut305
William Garcia @illskillwill
Don Lazaro @lazaroelbarbero
Fernando Padilla @fp1287
Joel Reyes @joeldabarber75
Brian Burt @barberbrianburt
Mark Neddenriep @trailerking
Branden Blunt @barberblunt
Sang Nguyen @sangthebarber
Mikey Denton @mikeydenton
Roddy Colon @rtgtmiami
"Worm" @hailwormatron
Alex Amaro @loseralexx
Ray @rayrae_LBC
Donnie Hawley @hawleywoodsbarbershop
Marcus Harvey @themarcusharvey
Everyone at @schorembarbier
Scott Ramos @Famos
Oliver Kult @oliverkult
Corey Sturkey @_bonezdagoat
Andrew @Andrewdoeshair
Harry Blade @hbad
Paul Hewitt @aonoxxx
Brett Kelly @brett_thebarber
Julz @barborvida
Justin A @Barberjustin
Ron Talley @ron_talley 
And so many more.. The list goes on.


Mr. Pomade: What does it take to be an asset to a barbershop?


Fabian RedondoA good attitude, good sanitation habits, respect for your fellow barbers and clients, and love for your craft. Final comment: Some friendly advice to new or aspiring barbers. Listen to the OG's, and accept constructive criticism even if it seems harsh. Don't be cocky, always be willing to learn more. There is no best in this business there is only the best you can give. As long as you give that, passion and an open ear you have a future in this. Be humble, there's no room in this trade for egos. I'm still learning everyday, and I have a lot to work on. Last thing, if you want to endure in this business stay healthy, believe it or not this job can take it's toll on the body over time. May seem chill but shoulders, back, wrist, and legs all wear down over time. Lift weights, eat steaks playa hahaha.




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