Holding up the can of pomade in black and white

If first impressions are anything to go by, the old school design of Prospectors and it’s attention to detail make this one pot of gold you want to hold on to.

Both inside and out, this yellow metallic tin has been cleverly crafted, inviting you to take a scoop from it’s transparent honey-like cream and slick your hair back, ready to rock’n’roll! Upon opening its screw top lid, you are simultaneously hit, not only with it’s halcyon glow, but with a familiar scent of nostalgia, taking you down memory lane. Imagine a traditional barbershop, distinctive in it’s smell. The scent of a true gent. It’s in this case that Prospectors really nails it for me.

Application is incredibly easy, and weighing up the ratio between pomade and water, you can either get that glass-like slicked back finish, or, once dried-in and combed out create a textured pomp. Very similar to Js Sloane, medium weight, but a little easier to apply for even distribution.

This hand-sized gold mine, seems to be the perfect one for me. Carrying this little fellow around with me, I found mystery dents appear on the tin. This creating a character and  story of my gentleman's travels, Offering versatility in both application and styling! Not one to miss a trick, I always have my Bixby pocket comb to quickly change it up on the move.



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