Hey guys, back with another heavy pomade for you. Today I’m going to check out the firm version of The Iron Society pomade. It has been out for a little while, but I wanted to wait until the summer to try it out.

This one comes in the same really cool, old looking amber glass jar with a black screw-top lid. It has just the one sticker/label on the front like the original, which is very vintage looking, circa 1930′s.

The Iron Society Firm Hold front label

This label is black instead of white like the original. It’s basically the negative of the other one, or the other one is the negative of this one. Whichever it is, the label reads “The Iron Society” inside a banner. Just under the banner indicates that its the “Firm Hold.” In between “iron” and “society” is their insignia/symbol. It is a “t” and an “i” next to each other with an “s” wrapping around them. Also on either side of the insignia it says ” handmade in brooklyn.” Underneath that it says “Old Fashioned Mens Grooming Aid.” The label also has their ingredients and the net wt, 3oz. On the very bottom of the label it says “be easy, friend.” Still one of my favorite labels out there these days, just badass.

The Iron Society Firm Hold open tub

Opening this jar you get the same smell as the original, just not quite as strong. I really like the smell of these pomades! They have a very manly scent to them. The look of this one, is pretty similar to their original, only this one is shinier on the surface and smoother looking. It looks like this is one going to scoop out easier than the original did. This one could be made with microcrystalline wax instead of or as well as beeswax. We’re about to find out aren’t we!

The Iron Society Firm Hold

Just as I thought this one scoops out quite a bit easier and is smoother than the original did. Now being that this one is a firm hold, it is most likely made with microcrystalline wax since it scoops out easier. Beeswax is a much harder wax, therefore making it more difficult to scoop. The texture of it reminds me a lot of Bonecrusher. Once you get it out of the jar the scent gets a little bit stronger, but it still isn’t as strong as the original.

In my hands it does spread about the same as the original, but it feels more tacky. I can tell this is going to hold more than the original did. So far I am really liking this pomade a lot! Applying it is also a lot like applying Bonecrusher. And being as how I loved that pomade quite a bit, I think I’m going to like this one just as much. It was very easy to spread around with just my hands and fingers. I didn’t get any kind of tangles or snags or anything like that. And it wasn’t like other waxy pomades that only want to stay on top of my hair, this one went in pretty evenly with just my hands.

The Iron Society Firm Hold pomp

Because it has been so hot out here I decided not to comb a tall pomp. I just went for medium pomp and I’m going to see how it holds all day long. I was really pleased with how well this stuff made my hair look. And it has quite a bit of shine to it as well, I love that. This stuff could quickly move up the ladder to my top 10 favorites. Yes, I’m liking it that much. But, I have to see how it holds and how the build up is, etc. etc.

I was really surprised how well this stuff held up in the heat. I started work at 7 AM and I didn’t finish until after 4:30. At 4:30 my hair and hardly moved and was still as tall as it was in the morning. I did have some flyaways and a dip in the center of my head, but other than that my hair was in the same place. Great job with this stuff Chris!!! Also when I looked at my hair at the end of today, it had much more shine to it than it did in the morning. Love this stuff!

The Iron Society Firm Hold pomp

I took a shower that night because I’d been sweating all day, and surprisingly virtually none of the pomade came out of my hair in the shower. For me, that’s a good thing, I happen to like build up and I know that some of it is going to come out of my hair while I sleep. You will have to decide for yourself whether or not that is a good thing for you. The next morning I noticed only about a quarter of the pomade had come out. So I wasn’t going to need to add too much to my hair.

The second day I liked how my hair look even better. And it was a little bit shinier than the first day as well. Just like the first day my hair didn’t really move at all. This time the only place that moved was my cowlick above my right eye. It split on me, so I recombed my hair. And let me tell you, recombing this stuff is just awesome! One of my favorites for sure. At the end of the second day my hair was so shiny it looked like I had put a super greasy pomade in it. I was really digging how much shine my hair had to it because of this pomade.

So I have to tell you, go and get yourself a jar of this immediately. This is one of the better pomades I have used in a long time. I can’t really say anything bad about it. The only thing I can say, is it could have a little more hold to it. However, I was thoroughly pleased with it so you’ll have to decide if it has enough hold for you.

Be easy friends,




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