Hey fellas, I’m back with an almost brand new pomade. Brian only launched this pomade a couple months ago. This one is The Classics Pomade and its his 40′s weight.

Classics Pomade Co. 40's Vanilla Pipe Tobacco top label

This one comes in a shallow 4oz stainless steel slip cover tin with a single lid label. This one is black instead of plain stainless. This color seems to be becoming more prevalent these days. It’s nice to have more than one color in this style tin. For the label it’s a clear label with silver print. The ring around the outside says “Chicago” on top and “Pomade” on the bottom. In the center it has “The Classics” then a comb with “40′s” in it and “Never Die” at the bottom. Now this label confused me at first because I thought it was Chicago Pomade not The Classics. After I talked to to Brian and got it straightened out it was easy for me to read the label. It’s supposed to be The Classics 40′s, then the slogan is “the classics never die.” And Chicago is where this one hails from. So kind of like how my band is Last Rites, Arizona Hardcore; this one is, The Classics, Chicago Pomade. Hope that cleared it up and I didn’t sound dumb explaining it.

The Classics Pomade Co. 40's Vanilla Pipe Tobacco open can

On to how the pomade looks and smells. It’s a nice white waxy pomade, very reminiscent in color to High Life ATP. You usually don’t see bright white pomades like this, so it’s cool for me when one comes like that. The scent of this one is very unique, and if remember correctly, made by Brian himself. It’s a nice sweet vanilla pipe tobacco, yup pipe tobacco. It’s really a nice scent and reminds me of my great grandpa.

The Classics Pomade Co. 40's Vanilla Pipe Tobacco

I couldn’t wait to dig my finger into this pomade, so I scooped away. The consistency of it was also really similar to ATP. Maybe it will act like that one in my hair, because I really dug that pomade. I didn’t notice a difference in strength of the smell when I got it out of the tin, it seemed to be about the same.

As I ran my hands over my hair I was ecstatic at how easy this stuff went in. It felt like a light pomade when I was working it around with my hands. Hopefully that feel doesn’t affect it’s hold. Just with using my hands, I noticed some nice shine with this pomade, I think it’s going to look great in my hair.

The Classics Pomade Co. 40's Vanilla Pipe Tobacco

Working it around with a comb it came back to being a medium pomade, but it wasn’t difficult to comb by any means. It combs a little easier than Steel Toe does and seems like it will hold about the same. Forming my pomp was a breeze, but it did take me a little longer to form it than with Steel Toe. It combed easy, but it just didn’t want to cooperate at first. I had to kind of mess with it for a bit before it complied with what I wanted.

It didn’t have as much shine after I combed it though. I was kind of bummed about that, because I thought it was going to have good hold and a bit of shine. Oh well, that’s what toppers are for. I did get some decent medium height to my pomp, which is right where I usually like it. And it held all day long, only a couple hairs came out of place while I was head-banging to Crowbar and Alice in Chains in my truck. But it recombs super easy, so if a hair or two come out of place it’s not a problem, and it will go right back into place with ease.

The Classics Pomade Co. 40's Vanilla Pipe Tobacco pomp

The second day I didn’t have to add that much due to most of it staying in my hair, which I do like sometimes, it saves the pomade. I got about the same height the second day and my hair looked nice and round. I always go back and forth between an angular and round pomp and its nice when I can easily get both from one pomade. I really picked up the scent in my hair all day the second time around. I even had an older lady say my hair smelled like her husbands tobacco, so good job with the scent Brian!

The Classics Pomade Co. 40's Vanilla Pipe Tobacco pomp

After a full day of work I noticed that this stuff shined up a lot the second day! Yes!!! So if you want some shine with this pomade, wear it for two days! I really love how it shined up the second day. I took the picture right before I went to go get cut by Isaac down at Babbit’s, and even my boss was impressed with how my hair looked. I got down to the shop for my cut and Isaac and the owner of the shop even commented on my hair’s good look and how it felt with this pomade in it.

I’m definitely liking this pomade a lot! Make sure you check this home brew out, it’s for sure one of the better ones out there. I’ve got another home brew coming up next!

Stay fresh fellas,




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