Today I’m getting back to the water soluble pomades and trying out one I’ve been wanting to check out for a while. So today is Suavecito! And I’m going with their original first, as usual since its their lightest. I hit up Justin over at Suavecito to see if it was kosher me reviewing them, and he sent me out a tub of each, a couple stickers, a comb and a business card. And it got here in like 3 days, excellent customer service if I don’t say so myself. So thank you Justin and the team over at Suavecito!

Suavecito Original Hold Pomade

This one comes in a white plastic tub with a screw top lid, kind of similar to the Layrite tubs, but no gap where the lid screws on. It’s got the lid label and also a wrap around label. They both have the same design and color scheme. The background is a dark charcoal grey, the border is a couple shades of brown, a light, medium and dark. In the center is their name in some really cool lettering with filagree. Above the name is a little skeleton guy in a white t-shirt combing his pomp. Underneath the name is their website. On the wrap around label is the name design on each end and in the middle is the ingredient list and other product/company info.

Suavecito Original Hold Pomade open can

Opening this one up, you’re immediately met with a fresh, clean, musky, manly scent. It reminds me of the smell of my dad and uncles when they’d get ready to go out for the evening. The color of this awesome smelling pomade totally matches the smell. It’s a nice dark amber colored pomade.

When I scooped it out I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it came out. It wasn’t nearly as hard, texture wise, as tres flores or Layrite deluxe. It was closer to Bona Fide in the softness of it.

Suavecito Original Hold Pomade

It spread around more like Layrite though, which kind of took me for a loop since it scooped out so easily. The scent on it didn’t really get much stronger out of the tub, it pretty much stayed the same. But it’s a nice medium strength scent so it’s ok that it didn’t get stronger. And damn do I dig this scent! It smells like a freshly groomed hombre.

And then back to being like Bona Fide, it went into my hair super easily. This stuff keeps flipping back and forth from a soft and hard water soluble. Makes me wonder how its going to hold. Even combing it was just as easy a cream, I just combed my hair with a finer toothed comb without any snags or resistance at all. I’m beginning to really like this stuff.

Suavecito Original Hold Pomade

When I styled it went back to being a harder pomade. And it stood it right up nice and straight with ease. At first it had some nice shine to it, but when it dried it had a more matte/non-shiny look to it. And when it dried it didn’t really harden, it felt more like a wax in my hair than a water based. That makes me really dig this stuff a lot!I was able to get a medium height pomp with this stuff, which is right about where I like my hair so it’s a good fit.

On the second day using it I applied it to dry hair, and I immediately regretted that decision. This stuff is a pain to comb into dry hair, I ended up throwing a little water in my hair to allow me to comb it. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the hold I got with it applied to dry hair. It was twice as high with dry hair than with wet hair. And there was absolutely no shine at all with it in dry hair. I think that may be the only thing I’m not cray about with this pomade, I just wish it had some shine to it.

Suavecito Original Hold Pomade pomp

As you know this stuff is a water based so it washes put with just water. Which for me makes it a little hard to get a good grasp on a water based which is why I try it on both wet and dry hair to kind of take the place of the build up I get with petro/waxy pomades. When I washed it out and let my hair dry, my hair didn’t feel that soft. With Monkey Brains and Lone Star they make my hair super soft and so did the Layrite Super-shine. So I kind of wish all water bases did that for my hair, but not all of them do. Nothing a little conditioner or hair tonic can’t take care of though.

So overall, I gotta say this one is moving up my water based faves list quickly! It’s got an awesome manly smell, scoops out and goes in easy, combs nicely, styles like a wax, holds up all day without hardening, and washes out. The only things I wish it did was, shine my hair up and make my hair softer when it washes out. I’d definitely pick up a tub of this if I were you, and I will be for sure when I’m out. Thanks again to Justin and the Suavecito team for sending me this pomade!

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