We are at the final pomade in Joe Capobianco’s Slicker Thn Hell line. Today I am reviewing his Devil’s Doo Pomade. I did receive the full tins he sent me during the Ginny Grease review! Thanks Joe, I really appreciate that!! But in the spirit of consistency I’m gona use the sample tin he originally sent me. I will show the full tins and what the pomades look like at the end of this review tho for you guys. Lets get started shall we?

Slicker Thn Hell Devils Doo Pomade top label

The layout of this label is just like the last two. Only this time the colors are red and white. In the same style writing is “Devils Doo!” On each one of the “D’s” are some horns, in the the “o’s” are a pair of eyes, and there is also a tail just under the “Doo!” The stars are above the name this time, and below is “pomade.” Just like the others “cause chicks dig it slick” is above the outer rings. And the website is below them. I think I still like the Ginny label the best, but this one is frickin rad too!

Slicker Thn Hell Devils Doo Pomade bottom label

This sample tin is a flat 1oz tin instead of a tall 1oz tin. I kind of like that each one was a different type of tin, makes it unique. Just like the others this one has the white rectangle label on the lid of the tin. And the ink is red on this one and says “devils doo hair pomade sample.” It also has the website on it in black ink like the others did.

Slicker Thn Hell Devils Doo Pomade open can

I’m really digging the color of this one the best out of the 3. It’s straight up Laffy Taffy red. It almost makes me want to eat it, but I’m not an awkward kid anymore. You can tell this one will have a little more hold than the last two because of the slight waxy look it has. But it does have some shine to it on the tin so I’m sure it will shine up my hair pretty nicely. The scent is a nice light cinnamon and pine or something. I can’t really make out the second scent but pine was the first thing that came to my mind. Either way it’s a good scented pomade.

Slicker Thn Hell Devils Doo Pomade

Even though I was expecting a waxy pomade I wasn’t totally surprised to find that it was pretty soft and greasy. You can see the cracks in the surface to show the waxiness of the pomade, but its also really soft and greasy/creamy at the same time. Very unique texture. It’s kind of a hybrid of sorts I guess. I’m not sure how I like the texture though. It’s not a bad texture, just very unexpected and different. In my hands it was also very light. Just slightly less greasy than Slicker. I have a sneaking suspicion this one will hold something like that one did.

Going in my hair it was a lot like Slicker as well. It went in super easy and I was able to distribute it pretty evenly with just my hands. And I could nice a nice shine to my hair before I even started combing. I knew I would like this pomade. Doing the little combing I had to do to finish spreading the pomade was very easy. I combed just like the Slicker did, just very smooth and effortless.

Slicker Thn Hell Devils Doo Pomade pomp

The hold on this one is almost double that of Slicker on the first application. How Joe got these pomades to do this being so greasy is baffling to me. I mean I make pomade and have never been able to create a greasy pomade that holds this well! Fantastic job with this pomade Joe, it holds awesome! It also has a great shine to it as well. The scent is nice and strong once it get some air being in your hair. I really like the smell of this pomade a lot when it’s in my hair, to me it smells better. It held nice and high all day long too. The only time I noticed any kind of hold loss was when I was out in the direct sunlight for about 45 mins. But it wasn’t anything a little cold water and combing couldn’t fix.

I did notice the next morning that a lot of the pomade had come out during the night. So I don’t think the build up will be much at all. And once I got out of the shower I had hardly any pomade left in my hair. So for you guys that like pomades that don’t stay in or a lot of build up this one would be a great one to check out! I don’t mind that most of it came out at all, and I’m sure my lady will like that. It just means I won’t get much more hold the more I use it because of the very little build up. Which is fine by me because this stuff holds great on its own without any build up! And the second day was just as good as the first. I did notice a little more shine the more I used this one. And you guys know I like my hair shiny, so it was perfect for me.

I have to say I think I like this one the best out of the three from this line. I dig the others as well, but this one just worked best for me. I can definitely recommend trying this one out. And trying the other two out as well. Joe really has some great pomades on his hands and I’m really glad to have tried them. Thank you again for sending them to me and letting me give them reviews man!! I had a blast with this line of pomades but now it’s time to say goodbye. You guys should really check all three of his pomades out! Thanks again Joe! Below are the pictures of what the tins look like and what the pomade looks like in the tins for you guys.

Slicker Thn Hell Pomade

I was surprised to see little white flecks of stuff in the Ginny Grease. And to find the other two overflowing with pomade!! You really get a lot in the tins!! You never see that from companies. Which is yet another reason you should buy these pomades. They also come with little prizes inside the tins. They’re little clear fluorescent red charms. A heart with a bite mark in the right side and “Slicker Thn Hell” engraved into them. Pretty cool little touch! Check these out!!

Slicker Thn Hell Pomade





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