Today we are going to see what’s up with a new water based on the market. The fine folks over at Slick Devil contacted me via Facebook about reviewing their product. Unfortunately their message went to the “other” inbox that I didn’t know I had. So I didn’t message them back for a while. Luckily they were still interested in sending me a tin of their stuff to review. Thank you very much guys, sorry again about the message mix up. Facebook really shouldn’t have an “other” folder for messages, I mean just deliver them normally. What’s the point of the “other” folder? Anyway let’s check this stuff out.

It comes in a plastic tub just like most of the other water bases do. This one is a glossy black plastic tub instead of the traditional white tub. The labeling is printed right into the tub, pretty cool! I have only seen that from the Cool Grease line. But I like it quite a bit, it’s cool to have unique things like this in a collection. The labeling is super simplistic. Just two silver lines above and below the words “Slick Devil Pomade” and a devil’s head with a pomp in the center. The same design is on the lid as well. Only “Slick Devil” is above the devil guy instead of below. On the back is their ingredient list, “made in the usa,” and their website. Doesn’t get more straight-to-the-point than this. Pretty cool design in my opinion.

Slick Devil Pomade open can

When you unscrew the lid you’re immediately met with the familiar chemical smell of a water based. This one doesn’t really have a distinct scent. Or at least I didn’t pick one up. I only smelled the chemically smell, but it wasn’t harsh. It was actually kind of a sweet scent, like sugar or something. The surface of this stuff has lots of bubbles on it and it has a quite matte appearance to it. I’m guessing it is going to be a heavier holding one. The color of it is like a blue-ish grey stone color. I really like the color of this stuff!!! It is a really cool color.

Slick Devil Pomade

When you dig your finger into the goop you can tell it’s going to have a heavier hold. It scoops out nice and easy, but is firm at the same time. It reminds me of a firmer Monkey Brains, texture wise. Maybe it will be like that stuff in my hair too. But it’s not blue-ish grey, it’s actually white-ish clear color. Weird how it looks completely different in the tub. I could see it being dark grey but not blue, still looks cool in the tub though. You get an even stronger whiff of the scent when you scoop it out of the tin. However it quickly fades back to its normal strength within a few seconds.

You are reminded of Layrite’s super hold when you start to rub it around in your palms. It has that same tough resistance to it when you try and spread it around. It doesn’t have that same tackiness though, it feels much softer when you peel your hands apart and put them back together. When you put your hands back together and continue spreading it around it goes right back to its tough resistant feel. It’s kind of weird that it has 2 different feels to it at one time, but let’s roll with it.

Applying it to your hair is kind of like applying Layrite deluxe. It has a strong medium resistance to it and kind of wants to stay on top of you hair at first. I had to kind of work at getting it on all sides of my hair with my hands. Then when I got to combing it in, it felt like combing in Shiner Gold. Tough to get the first combing done, plus my hair got kind of tangled so I had to comb it a bit more at first to get it untangled. However, once you get the first combing in, it softens up a lot. It kind of combs like Monkey Brains or Lone Wolf does. I really liked how it combed once I got it worked in, nice and easy. Styling with it is also super easy, it reminded me a lot of Lone Star. Easy to comb, but when you go to form your pomp you get the nice resistance to be able to comb a nice tall pomp.

Slick Devil Pomade pomp

I was able to get a decent sized do going with this stuff. I decided not to go too tall with it, as I don’t like super tall pomps on myself. But I could’ve combed a taller one if I wanted to. Unlike some heavy water bases, this one doesn’t leave my pomp hollow either. You’re able to get a nice full pomp with this stuff. It leaves my hair with sort of a dry-styled look, except for the center. I had a little more of this stuff in that area than the rest, because it wanted to stick on top when I was applying it. It also didn’t really want to take the small curly hairs around my hairline. Most water bases don’t tame those though, I’ve gotten used to them sticking out when I wear these products.

After about an hour it had finished drying. What I was left with really gave me some hope for this stuff. Instead of hardening up a lot like most heavier ones do, this one just kind of gummed up. Like Monkey Brains or Bona Fide does, or like a waxy pomade feels in cold weather. I like it when water bases do this so much more than when they harden up like hair spray. At the end of the day my hair hadn’t moved one millimeter. It was in exactly the same place as it was when I styled it 16 hours earlier. That’s some damn good hold!! Great job with this stuff guys. By far one of the best holding water bases out there. I’m not usually a fan of heavy ones, but with this one I will definitely make an exception.

Just like almost every other water based out there this one washes out with just water. It doesn’t take very long to get out of you hair either which is nice. I did notice it left my hair kind of dry. I figured it would, most all of them do. The chemicals used in these products tend to dry out your hair. However, with this one my hair wasn’t as dry as it is with others. It didn’t feel like straw or like I blew dry my hair for an hour. I still had some moisture in my hair and I didn’t have a big poofy mess when my hair completely dried. Definitely happy about that! One thing I absolutely can’t stand is when my hair gets super dried out. I hate how it feels, looks, and how tough it is to work with when it gets dry.

As a lot of you know I’m not a huge fan of these type of products. However, I like this one quite a bit. The only thing I don’t really care for is how it applies and first combs. Other than that it’s a winner in my book. You guys should try this stuff out, it’s definitely worth giving a look/try. Thanks again guys!! I had fun with this one.

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