Hey guys, so I had a request from a good friend of mine to review Schmiere’s shampoo so I bought it to use on my trip with the pomade I’m reviewing this time. I’m going with their special edition knupplehart Prison Blues. Stay tuned later tonight or tomorrow morning for the shampoo review!

Rumble 59 Schmiere Rock Hard Pomade top label

It comes in their standard large stainless slip-cover tin. This time the bird has a newsboy hat on and he’s “got stripes around his shoulders” He’s sitting behind a row of steel bars and the background color on this one is red. I think this may be my favorite label they’ve put out, it’s really badass!

Rumble 59 Schmiere Rock Hard Pomade open can

Opening this can up you see a charcoal/ash-grey colored pomade with a very matte finish to this pomade. Probably one of the dullest pomades I’ve seen yet. I love the color of this pomade tho it’s very unique, I’ve never seen grey before, nice change up. The scent if this stuff is very different too. One of the people out here with me on my trip said “looking at the label when you smell it reminds you of prison.” Now I didn’t get that, but we all pick up different scents from stuff. I thought it had a soapy and talc smell to it with a slight hint of ashes.

Rumble 59 Schmiere Rock Hard Pomade

Scooping out was gnarly! It was so hard to get out that when I was trying to scoop it started turning the pomade in the tin! The pomade came unstuck from the tin and spun with my finger, pretty crazy. Once I broke the surface it was a little easier to get out, but it was still difficult and kept spinning the pomade cake in the tin. Haha it was pretty wild to see the pomade move with my finger.

When I rubbed it between my hands it softened up a bit. However, it was difficult to break up the biggest chunk I grabbed out, it took me a little while. Once I got it all broken up, I softened it up as best I could but it was still pretty hard/tacky kind of similar to Murray’s Superior in my hands.

It went in my hair easier than I thought it would because of the texture. Then when I was combing it around I noticed these little white specks in my hair. My guess is that’s they were wax pieces reacting to the water that was still in my hair, but it bummed me out. I noticed the more I combed they stuck to the comb and came out of my hair. Whew, I thought I was going to have to try an melt them with a blow drier or put something else in my hair if that didn’t work. You can see the specks on my comb.

Rumble 59 Schmiere Rock Hard Pomade comb

At first I was able to get my hair to stand straight up with just a little lean to it. This stuff made my hair STRAIGHT! I also noticed more hairs than usual in my comb during the forming/combing of my hair. That really bummed me out, I don’t like seeing a bunch of hairs stuck in my comb.

Rumble 59 Schmiere Rock Hard Pomade pomp

I was able to get some nice height to my hair with this pomade and a slight roundness to the top of my pomp. This stuff also has a slight shine to it, but more of a matte shine. I got the front of my hair nice and straight and my cowlick tamed which can be hard to do some days. So this one is a good pomade for taming waves, cowlicks and fly-aways. I tried to look tough cause I’m using Prison Blues pomade and I got all my hard to manage hairs to stay in place, haha I’m a bit of a dork.

Rumble 59 Schmiere Rock Hard Pomade pomp

All in all, I like this pomade quite a bit. It’s got great hold, that stays all day and is recombable. It’s scent is pretty awesome and it’s got some shine to it in your hair. On the down side, it can be a pain to get out of the tin and for me, it pulled a lot of hairs out of my head. But I’ll use this stuff again in the future. So if you guys like heavy hold pomades grab a can of this stuff.

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