"Slick As Hell" - By James Bui

Allow me to formally introduce you to O’Douds Light Hold Pomade. As you should remember, we first came across O’Douds during my vacation in Seattle. Clayton (owner of O’Douds) has recently expanded the line to include a heavy and light hold variation of the original.

O'Douds Light Pomade tub

It comes in the same style jar as the original: size, material, and branding. The only difference in presentation is the banner which designates it as a ‘Light Hold’ product. I’m glad they didn’t choose to change anything. I like the artwork they commissioned, and the only improvement would be to print it directly onto the jar — unnecessary but would be cool as fuck.

O'Douds Light Pomade open tub


I’ll be honest with you. I did not think this product would be THIS soft. It looked waxy like Grandad’s but was super soft. This light hold would literally get all super creamy in your hands like Vaseline…lol. I’ve found this to be characteristic of O’Douds across his entire line. Tough or not to get out of the jar, it’ll get super creamy once agitated.


Time. It’s a light product and has a unique bounce to it (similar to Tancho). That made it a lil more time consuming to style with because I had to be more careful. Nevertheless, it takes an average time to style my hair. Rarely do pomades ever really diverge from the general trend of how long it takes to use.

Slickness. It is slick as fuck. 'Nuff said.

Strength. Simply put, it’s a mid-way between Grandad’s Lightweight and Lockhart’s Light Hold.

O'Douds Light Pomade pomp

O'Douds Light Pomade pomp

O'Douds Light Pomade pomp


Just look at that last photo. O’Douds Light Hold receives the honorable, The_Pomp. Seal of Approval.

It is slick as hell, yet it provides me enough hold to style a medium-height pompadour. The pomade is soft enough to be useful to many styles beyond the pompadour. Like…I would use it to style my topknot.

For more information on the product, you can check it out here.

-James Bui A.K.A. The Pomp



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