So I’m a little burned out on using only heavy pomades. I’m going to go with one of my favorite mediums today. After talking with Jim over at Murray’s he thought he’d like to see this one reviewed next in the Murray’s line. Today I’m going to use their Super Light pomade.

Murray's Super Light Pomade can

This one comes in their standard 3oz can. And this one is their famous bright orange. Now they have two different can designs out there, one is not as common though. The most common one has a big purple barber pole in the center with “Est. 1925″ in the dome. Then across it in white with red outline baseball style letters is “Super” and “light” is in the swoosh underneath it. “Murray’s” is up towards the left of the pole in purple as well. Opposite of “Murray’s” in the bottom right part it says “Light pomade & hair dressing.” On the can of this one it has “Murray’s” in the center and “Super Light” in cursive just below it. To the right of that is the directions, and the barber pole again. Only this time the barber pole also has the website just under the dome with “Est. 1925″ in it. To the left of the center is a couple lines about the pomade, the company info and the ingredient list. Definitely a really cool tin, all Murray’s tins are cool.

Murray's Super Light Pomade can

The uncommon one is pretty different from the other one. This one features no barber pole or fancy writing, jut straight text. Up top is “Murray’s” in purple and “Super Light” in the white with red outline. Just below that it says “For the clean neat look with plenty of style control.” And at the bottom in red is “Light pomade & hair dressing” again. The front has “Murray’s” like the other other one, but the “Super Light” on this one is just regular letters. It has the “For the clean and neat look” again on the front of the can. To the right is a blurb about the pomade and the company info. To the left is the directions, in only one language this time, and the ingredient list. So huge difference in the two. I had to have both as I’m an avid collector and like the different versions of pomades. Plus this one is pretty cool looking too, very simple and stream lined.

Murray's Super Light Pomade open can

Opening up this tin you see a yellowish tan colored greasy pomade. The two cans smell different as well. The barber pole one smells citrusy almost exactly like Electric Grease. Or rather Electric Grease smells like Murray’s. The one without the barber pole, smells like plain unscented pomade. Just kind of like petroleum jelly and oils. It has a faint powdery scent, but you have to smell it for a while to pick it up.

It’s not much heavier than their Hair-Glo texture wise. So getting it out of the tin is a breeze. It feels very greasy and light, hence it’s name. It is really really greasy in your hands. It has more texture to it than the Hair-Glo in your hands tho. I know it’s ping to shine my hair up really good! The scent stays nice and present as you work it in your hands. And I like the scent quite a bit so that’s a plus for me.

Murray's Super Light Pomade

It goes in your hair very very easily. I was able to get it worked in very evenly with just my hands. I love how easy it is to work this stuff into your hair with your hands. You can really spread it around and coat all sides of your hair really well. And when you finish working it in with a comb, it’s just as easy. I really can’t say enough good things about the workability of this pomade. It has been one of my favorite lighter pomades for a long time.

Murray's Super Light Pomade pomp

This stuff doesn’t give you the biggest pomp, but it does give you some good control. You can see that my pomp is a lower one, but that it’s very even and straight in the front. And this stuff makes your hair super shiny! Kind of gives your hair that freshly oiled look. Another thing I like about this grease is that it doesn’t weigh your hair down at all. Some greased really weigh your hair down, but this stuff doesn’t at all. It feels really light in your hair.

Now being summer time, in Arizona, this stuff doesn’t hold a pomp for very long. However, it is easily recombable and can maintain a nice side part all day. The only thing that some of you that live in really hot areas may not like is that it does melt a little. So when you’re out in the sun for long time you’ll start to get a little but of grease on your forehead. It’s not unbearable by any means, but some of you might find it inconvenient.

This stuff isn’t hard to get out of your hair at all, but if you don’t wash your hair the next day the build up is really nice. You get a bit more control the second and third days with the build up. But if you like a fresh start each day just use a good shampoo and this stuff comes right out the next morning. I personally like the build up better, but for those of you who don’t, it’s easy to wash out. The more you use it the shinier your hair gets too. That’s one of my favorite things about this pomade.

So my final words on this one from Murray’s? Buy it, and buy it quick. It a great pomade and can be used on its own or as a topper. There really isn’t anything bad to say about this pomade, it really is a solid product. Which is no surprise since it is made by a company that has been around for 89 years. Thanks yet again to Jim and the team over at Murray’s!

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