"Lightweight" -By James Bui

Did you know…this pomade is actually listed as a strong hold? WHAT DA FUHH!?!? It’s one of THE lightest pomades I’ve ever used. Damn…what’s going on in the world today. Now, we’ve all heard of this Mr. Ducktail. We all know it and probably remember its appearance…but only a few of us have actually ever even tried it. Don’t really know why. So, let’s take a look at it.

Mr. Ducktail is the result of a collaboration between Hairgum (a French hair and salon product manufacturer) and the Demon Barber of Carnaby Street.

Mr. Ducktail Wax

It’s nicely packaged without a doubt. You got some detailed design work on the face and simple directions with ingredients on the reserve side. The coolest thing is that the cap is unrolled and lifted at one end. By pressing down on this part, the cap pops off as you can see in the photo below.

Mr. Ducktail Wax

The goop is white and looks a lot like Royal Crown pomade, and it will end up performing like it. I have no idea who originally labeled this thing as a strong, but whatever…we’ll talk about that later.


BOOM! I was right. Like I said before, I refrain from looking up information about the pomade in order to give you guys as honest of a review as possible in terms of the opinionated parts. It smells like someone just opened up a can of 7up or Sprite. The manufacturer claims a citrus, cola smell. And of course…that just sounds like Sprite to me.

Mr. Ducktail Wax


It feels like I scooped out a bit of Royal Crown Pomade. It’s been a long time since I’ve tried a pomade as light as this. I use light pomades, but this is beyond light. It’s really oily and greasy…when you scoop some out…you’ll know what I mean.


With a texture like that, you’ll see in the video how easy it is to apply.


Notice in the photos below, no stray hairs. It’s a slick product…but honestly, a lil too slick. This effects the endurance of the pomade.


It’s shiny. Refer to the photos, and you’ll see what an oily pomade gives you.


This is weird. I could not find a description anywhere on the internet from retailer about the hold except for Mr. Pomade. It’s put down as a strong hold. This thing is 100% light. Lighter than Grandad’s Lightweight. Lighter than O’Douds. Lighter than Lockhart’s. It’s at the same level as Royal Crown Pomade.

Mr. Ducktail Wax The Pomp

Mr. Ducktail Wax The Pomp

Mr. Ducktail Wax The Pomp


It’s so damn slick that…like with Lucky Tiger Cru-Butch..the hairs move around through the day and get stuck together. Your hair clumps up and you’ll need to recomb.


But luckily, this is stays soft as fuck. You can restyle it at anytime. The downside in all honesty was that this product stayed the same. I like it when oil-based pomades kinda settle in. With some products, your natural hair oils break down the grease and the wax is able to remain…but it’s a bit drier. This graininess is optimal for my styling. It’s a shame this is NOT the case for Mr. Ducktail.

Build-up Quality

Nothing special and nothing too bad. There’s some good wax that remains, but there’s some greasiness too.


It'll take 2-3 days to remove.

Mr. Ducktail Wax The Pomp

Mr. Ducktail Wax The Pomp

Mr. Ducktail Wax The Pomp


Overall…it’s a product that’s alright and will get the job done. There’s some upsides such as the slickness, shine, and texture…but this also bites it in the ass later on in the other categories. It works…however, I’d prefer to use another light pomade.

-James Bui A.K.A The Pomp



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