I’m checking out a brand new company, and pomade today. This one I just found out about and Dawn only started this company last year. Being a pomade geek and enthusiast I had to contact her about this pomade. So after a few emails back and forth, I got the low down on her company and its history and products. She also sent me a can of each hold she has to review. Really stand up lady, and mom.

This one comes in a 3oz slip cover, stainless tin. It has a lid label and a bottom label. Right now the label is the same for both the medium and hard holds and she marks which one is which by colored tape. The medium has red tape around the lid when you get it. I cut a small piece off to put on the front so I know which tin is.Mom Made Medium Weight Pomade top label

The lid label is one of the coolest labels I’ve seen for a pomade in a while. It’s very classic, and easily recognizable in a collection. The background is fire engine red, with a yellow ring and a white edge. In the center it has a blonde lady or “mom” wearing a blue blouse and white lace edged apron, and she’s holding a can of pomade. Around her are little twinkle stars, and below her in awesome baseball style writing is “Mom Made Pomade.” I’m guessing Dawn is the “mom” on this label. At the very top of the label, in white white writing, it has “Mom says…use” then underneath the logo it has the Texas state outline with “made in Texas” inside it. Around the edge of the red part of the label is a warning, the ingredient list, and the website.

Mom Made Medium Weight Pomade back label

As for the bottom label, it is a white background instead of red. This one has a red ring and a yellow ring toward the edge of the label. In the center are the instructions and then the same “mom” logo as the lid label. Only it doesn’t have the “mom says…use” or “made in Texas” around it. The writing/wording around the edge is the same as the front.

Mom Made Medium Weight Pomade open can

The lid on this one came off really easy, a lot easier than the high life lids did. I was able to pull it off without hardly even grabbing it. And as soon as I pulled it off I got the lovely scent of tea tree! Plus some sweet lemon as well. Really nice smell! The white waxy looking pomade reminds me of Addicted to Pomade by high life, it looks almost exactly the same.

When I scooped it out however, it took me back to the 12 Pomades of Christmas journey. Specifically, my stop at Putrescence hair dressing. It had the exact same texture as that one. I’m guessing it is going to hold the same, and hopefully, shine the same way as that one does!

Mom Made Medium Weight Pomade

It spread around my palms the same way Putrescence hair dressing did too. The scent stayed the same in my hands, nothing less or more. I did notice the shine it suddenly had in my hands, much more than when it was fresh in the tin. Hopefully it will shine up my hair really nicely since it’s shiny in my hands.

You can tell it has some wax in it when you apply it to your hair. It goes in pretty easy, but does kind of stick a little bit like waxy pomades do. I didn’t really have I scoop anymore out to coat my hair, because this one spread around very evenly. I only skimmed a little bit out for my problem areas.

Mom Made Medium Weight Pomade pomp

Combing it is when you really notice the wax, it has that nice medium resistance to it when you comb your hair. It didn’t have too much resistance or pull out any hairs. It really combed nicely, and when I was done working it around the pomade was distributed into my hair really evenly.

When I started forming my pomp the similarity to Putrescence hair dressing really came out. It styled and held exactly like that stuff. And it shines the same way as well. I was able to get some decent height with this pomade. The hold stayed nicely all day long too, which really made me like this pomade even more.

Mom Made Medium Weight Pomade Pomp

The second day was even better than the first with it in my hair. After a days worth of buildup you really get to see the nice performance of this pomade. It held a little better and was twice as shiny. I did notice a slight gap form in my hair after an 8 1/2 hour work day. However, this pomade is really easily recombed, so I just pulled out my “unbreakable” and put my hair back where it needed to be.

Mom Made Medium Weight Pomade Pomp

The third day was the best though. I also worked a full day and it performed great, plus I had a nice and shiny head. I then went home, changed my clothes, visited my grandma in her hospice room, and after that went to my friend Tanner(of Steel Toe Pomade)’s house. We went to a record store, got food, played some video games, and wrote some music, and after all that, my hair was still in place holdin’ strong! Dad gummit this pomade is killer, I really dig this stuff.

After a few days of using this stuff I gotta say, I love it. I highly recommend grabbing a tin or two of it from Dawn! It’s a great pomade, reasonably priced and has cool packaging. Smells great, goes in smooth, combs easy, holds all day, shines you up nicely, and recombs like butter. What’s not to like about Mom Made Pomade? Nothin! Stay tuned for the heavy hold next, I’m really excited for that one!





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