Today is the follow up to Lone Star Pomade’s Classic with their Super. When I contacted Chris over there I got both holds so I could give his company a proper review and test out both kinds that he had. - I’ve been meaning to post this for a few days, but I wanted to keep using this pomade before I posted it. I’ve used it on and off since I got it to give it a good review.

 Lone Star Pomade Super Hold tub

It comes in the same white, plastic, screw-top lid container as their Classic does. An the label is exactly the same save one minor difference. Instead of “LSP-Classic” underneath the design it has “LSP-Super.” So only one thing that’s different on the design. Now obviously the ingredient list will differ a little, but it looks like all the same ingredients are used just different quantities are used.

Lone Star Pomade Super Hold open tub

Scooping it out you really notice the difference. This stuff is way more gummier than the Classic. Almost rubber-like rather than a grease. It’s the most different water soluble pomade I’ve ever come across.

Lone Star Pomade Super Hold

Now when I spread it around in my palms I had a little trouble at first. It wanted to stick together kind of like rubber glue, but the more I rubbed my hands the softer it got. It became more malleable the more I worked with it.

Now after I got it more workable I put it into my hair. It went in easier than the Classic did and combed through easier as well. I got a little worried that I may have over worked the pomade because of how soft it was in my hair. It was significantly softer than the Classic was. Even when I was combing my pomp it was softer and didn’t get more stiff when I was forming it. However it stayed nice and tall even though it was soft. It didn’t droop or fall down at all.

Lone Star Pomade Super Hold pomp

The only part that did fall down slightly, and I don’t really know why, was the back half of my pomp. It kind of sinked toward my scalp. Now I was able to get some nice height and a nice rounded pomp with this pomade. Despite the soft texture in my hair, it held really well.

It did harden up like the Classic did, but way more than the Classic did. It was more so like a gel and hairspray than any other pomade that I’ve used. On the plus side it is more shiny than the Classic which is cool.

Lone Star Pomade Super Hold pomp

After using both I think I like the Classic a bit better than the Super and can see myself using that more often than the Super. The Super is a good pomade tho. It’s got some good hold and shine to it and isn’t hard to comb through your hair. It also holds all day long without drooping, falling, melting, etc etc. I did see some flaking when I broke up the hardness with my fingers. However, my hair still held the same when I broke it up as when it was hard. You can see some small flakes around my part, but there aren’t many, and almost none in the front.

Lone Star Pomade Super Hold pomp

So my advice is, they’re definitely worth it.

Stay fresh guys




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