Js Sloane’s old school branding instantly caught my attention, upon opening the screw top tin lid you are intoxicated with the scent of raspberries and blinded by the iridescent shimmer that's concealed within.
It’s possible to apply the pomade to both wet and dry hair, but having used this product consistently, I  have found styling more at ease when working with towel dried hair. Once set, the pomade has a pliable stability making it easier to mould into shape and using less product. This particular pomade is water based so reworking your pompadour or washing it out is a dream, leaving no tackiness or residue that may occur otherwise.
Pompadour Styled With JS Slone Medium Weight Brilliantine Pomade
Carrying my pomade with me everywhere I go, I’ve been searching for something that represents me, keeps my locks tamed and helps my constant battle against the elements of the English weather.
Now, with my hair slicked I can roll to work a gent.



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