-By JC Hillhouse

Back with another pomade to check out. This time I’m going to check out Hue pomade. It’s from New York and Edgar over at Pomade.com sent me this to check out and review. He also sent me some other stuff to try. Many thanks Edgar!

Hue Pomade Review

This stuff is very uniquely packaged compared to most pomades. It comes in a cardboard box, then is wrapped in silver tissue paper with a seal. The tin itself is a stainless shell around a plastic rubber insert that holds the pomade. I’ve never seen a tin quite like this before. Nor the outer packaging on a pomade. The tin itself is a tiny little 2oz tin. It only holds 1.5oz of pomade in it though. It says it’s a natural pomade with a matte finish. However the ingredient list has some stuff on there that doesn’t sound very natural. They’re chemicals of some sort, but I don’t know exactly what. It also contains over a dozen oils, so I doubt it’s a matte finish. You never know though.

Hue Pomade: Inside The Jar

When you try to open the tin, you can’t. It’s like vacuum sealed or something. I pulled and pulled on it and couldn’t get it open. Finally I just grabbed a flathead screwdriver and popped the sucker open. And even that was difficult. It did make a pop sound when I finally got the lid off, so I guess it was vacuum sealed. Inside the tin is a light yellowish tan colored pomade. The surface has a kind of gritty look to it. It kind of looks like a really softer version of Cock Grease X. It has a sort of salon type smell to it with a hint of grapefruit. Almost like grapefruit scented salon shampoo or something.

Hue Pomade Application

When you dig your finger into the pomade it feels almost like a greasy version of Cream of Wheat. Super light, really greasy/oily, and kind of gritty. It reminds me a little bit of Levin’s pomade, the blue can. It doesn’t seem like it will have any kind of hold at all. But I’ve been surprised in the past, maybe this one will have some hold.

It turned very oily in my hands. All the little gritty pieces dissolved completely the moment I started to work it in my hands. It felt like a mix between Levin’s blue and Blackjack’s top coat. If it’s like the top coat it will do something for my hair, if it’s like Levin’s I’m out of luck. Hopefully it’s like the blackjack! I noticed the scent take on a kind of chemically scent to it in my hands. It smelled much more like a salon once I worked it around a little bit.

It went in very very easily, as I knew it would. My hair was very very shiny right off the bat too. Combing it was like exactly like combing the Levin’s. And after combing it it my hair was still very shiny. So the matte finish claim isn’t valid. Not a big deal to me as I prefer shiny hair much more that a matte look. But it could be a disappointment to someone who is expecting a matte look and doesn’t want shine.

JC Hillhouse Wearing Hue Pomade

Being such a light pomade it didn’t hold my wavy hair at all. It made my waves really stand out on the right side of my of my head. Even though I didn’t get much height I was able to pull off a nice 40′s businessman style. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. Plus even though it was such a light pomade, the sides stayed nice and slick. The shine was spot on for my liking too! Definitely really happy with how it turned out.

Toward the end of the day I got a few strands of hair that fell away from the top. However the ones that did fall down did so in the perfect way. They actually didn’t look bad when they were down. It was easy to comb them back up when I needed to as well. It felt really really oily at the end of the day. A little too oily for my liking so I jumped in the shower to kind of clean the excess off. Surprisingly almost all of the pomade came out with just regular cheap-o shampoo.

With it being such a light oily pomade I like that you get a fresh start each day when you shampoo your hair. I can’t get any kind of control when an oily pomade builds up. It makes my hair just fall apart and not stay in place at all. So it’s a nice thing that this stuff comes out really easily to give me a clean slate for the second day.

This stuff is a little on the pricey side being $22 for 1.5oz of pomade. After two days use I’ve used just under half of it so it’s about $4.50 per use. It worked pretty good for my hair doing a nice classic WWII era style. It won’t hold your up high hair though. I’m sure it would make a great topper as well. If you use it as a topper it will go a lot farther too.




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