"Heavy Stuff" -By James Bui

I decided to review this pomade right here by recommendation of another homebrewer. When someone who actually makes pomade recommends another product, you gotta lend an ear because that carries weight. On top of that, it can supposedly tame curly/wavy hair, and I verified this in-person with the friend.

With all that, I believe this product would be an important addition to this blog, so let me introduce to you: Doc Elliott Pure Pomade in Black.

Doc Elliott Pure Pomade Firm Hold

Purchasing and receiving a pomade in the mail should be an experience. The brewer should prize this moment and take advantage of it as an opportunity to make an impression on the consumer. Doc Elliott does this well. It originally came in a printed cloth bag which you will see in the video. It’s nice and definitely makes you feel like you just bought some special.

The design work on the jar is clean and nice. The matte stick is a real nice touch — makes it look better than a tacky gloss sticker. In short, it is a nice jar to hold and own.


I typically refrain from looking up the smell (as described by the brewer) in order to give you guys an honest impression. This time, I may have been biased by the image on the can…but it smells like Egypt to me. Like, I feel like a pharaoh when I got it in my hair. It’s similar to TIS but with a little less spice and more barbicide.

Doc Elliott Pure Pomade Firm Hold


It is a petrolatum-free pomade, which mean this shit is all waxes and oils for the most part. And so, it’s gunna be a tough one to get out of the jar. I’ve yet to really see any that are not. Once you start agitating the product, it will literally melt into a buttery cream.


However, even as a buttery cream, the wax makes it a sticky product. I feel like its in it nature to be difficult to apply. The petrolatum/grease acts as a lubricate and so, without it, you can’t expect to have an easy time applying the product. Still, it’ll be this strength/hold that can potentially tame your waves/curls.


It’s pretty damn slick. Even though the wax is sticky…it’s still slick. This has been an issue for many other wax-heavy pomade — the stickiness wax overpowers and kills the slickness. This isn’t the case for Doc Elliott.


The shine is good and will last all day.


It’s some heavy shit. You’ll get a lot of hold…not a great strength-to-weight ratio, but good hold nevertheless. This is a downside for those of you like me though…our fine hair will get weighed down by this pomade. You’ll notice my pomp is not tall and lack good shape.

Doc Elliott Pure Pomade Firm Hold The Pomp

Doc Elliott Pure Pomade Firm Hold The Pomp

Doc Elliott Pure Pomade Firm Hold The Pomp


It is really really temperature-sensitive. As in, it reacts quickly — very quickly. But this doesn’t mean it loses all of its strength. The pomp kept up well throughout the whole day.


Cold weather or hot ass fuh weather. It stays very malleable throughout the day and easy to restyle.

Quality of Buildup

Bad. The quality of buildup is unbelievably heavy. What you want is a light and waxy buildup…just pure strength to pass onto the next day. This one is heavy as fuh.


It’s clean. Nice. The pomade melts in hot weather, but it doesn’t feel like it melts onto your neck or forehead.

Doc Elliott Pure Pomade Firm Hold The Pomp

Doc Elliott Pure Pomade Firm Hold The Pomp


All in all, it is a great product and easily receives my seal of approval. It may not be best for my hair type, but I can easily see how much potential it has for those with curly/wavy/thick hair types.

-James Bui A.K.A The Pomp




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