I’m going to keep the new product roll going with a new pomade. This one comes from Austin TX and is made by a really cool lady who is also an ATP member. It’s Doc Elliott’s Pure Pomade made by Courtney Morgan. I picked up both of her pomades from her a few weeks ago and she gave me a smokin deal on them. Thank you Courtney!!

Doc Elliott Pure Pomade Top Label


This pomade comes in a flat 4oz stainless steel tin. It has a lid label and label on the bottom of the can. The lid label has a big scarab beetle with wings in the center of it, kind of reminds me of the Journey beetle. Don’t stop believing, hold on the that pomay-ee-ay-ade. I love that band, which makes me love this logo. The beetle is holding a circle with a cross inside it and has “Doc Elliott” above its wings. Up above all that is “Pure Pomade” and “grooming rituals by.” The writing kind of reminds me of Egyptian style font, and so does the beetle. It looks like a few renditions of the Egyptian god Khepri that I have seen before, minus the cross. He was believed by the Egytians to be the god that moved the sun across the sky each day. Also known as the pilot of the eye of Ra. Little history lesson for you guys there. Below the beetle it says “All Natural, Petroleum Free” with a really cool looking bar. It also says where it’s made and has the weight info at the very bottom. The back label has the beetle logo and name up at the top, then the ingredients list, followed by the directions, and then the website down at the bottom.

Doc Elliott Pure Pomade open can

Opening the tin up you see a nice light yellow, waxy pomade. You instantly get a whiff of the earthy manly smell too. It has hints of vetiver, pine, and lemon in it. All three of them combine to make one awesome scent! It very manly, with some earthiness to it, and kind of a crisp bite right up front. Love the smell of this stuff! Great job Courtney! You can tell it’s going to be a nice medium to heavy pomade by its waxy surface. It looks a little like Bees Knees and Steel Toe on the surface, just lighter in color.

Doc Elliott Pure Pomade

When you scoop it out, or try to, this stuff is really hard to break the surface of. Reminds me of scooping out Blackjack Pomade or Grim Grease. However, once you do, you pull out a nice smooth yet tacky medium pomade. Once I broke the surface I fell in love with the texture! The scent takes on a new level of awesomeness once you scoop it out too. I got slightly more lemon and crisp when I pulled it out of the tin. In your hands it has a very creamy texture to it and spreads like butter. There were a few small pieces that didn’t break down right away, I had to kind of work them separately. I’m guessing those were from when I broke the surface.

Applying it to my hair was pretty easy as well, although it gained it’s tacky texture back when I applied it. I happen to love the fact that it did that though. It reminded me very much of a light Bees Knees. Not quite as tacky, combed easier, but still reminiscent of that pomade. I was able to really work it around in my hair with just my hands. It combed really nicely as well! Slight resistance to it, bit of a tacky feel, but you can comb all around with a medium space toothed comb very easily. The tackiness allows you to comb a nice pomp or slick back too!

Doc Elliot Pure Pomade Pomp

I was able to get a solid medium one going the first day I used it. My hair is a little too long so I couldn’t get a nice tall and round pomp with it like I wanted to. But I know it will hold a taller one if my hair wasn’t so long. It really has a great texture in my hair I can’t get over how awesome my hair feels with this pomade in it! It also has some nice shine to it as well!! What more could you ask for?! Compliments on your hair? A hold that stays all day long? Recombablility? Well, this pomade will give you all of those. I got quite a few compliments on my hair throughout the day. Mostly on the look, but one lady said my hair smelled “intoxicating.” My hair held perfectly all day long, but I recombed it when I got home anyway. It was smooth, and went right back into place! I did lose a little bit of shine when the day was done and I had recombed it though.

Doc Elliott Pure Pomade Pomp

I didn’t need to add very much the second and third day at all. The buildup of this stuff is damn neat perfect!! I could get a little more height and keep it rounded with the buildup I had. The shine gets better the more you have it in your hair as well. One thing I also really loved about this pomade is the scent doesn’t get too overwhelming each additional day. Some pomades have scents that linger and get stronger day by day. This one’s scent fades away after each day and shower so you get a fresh scent each day and no overpowering scent buildup.

Doc Elliot Pure Pomade Pomp side view

I have to say, this pomade is a great pomade!! I would recommend this stuff to anyone! There isn’t anything bad I could even think of to say about this product. Courtney did such a great job with this pomade. I will definitely be using this stuff as often as I can between reviews and in combination with pomades I’m checking out! Get yourself a tin of this stuff ASAP!!! 

Keep it greasy!




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