For the fifth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Deluxe Pomade. This stuff is been discontinued for a little while, but I was lucky enough to find some of it. So if you ever see this stuff and have a chance to buy it, do.

Deluxe Pomade can

This stuff comes in a big 8oz tin, like all of my pomades do. I love these tunes, they stand on your collection and you get a lot more pomade. You actually get your money’s worth with tins like this. I hate it when you buy/order a pomade and it shows up in a flat 4oz only half full. When that happens you’re essentially only getting about 2-2.5oz of pomade, volume wise. Enough of that, back to the matter at hand. It has a lid label and then a can label. The can label doesn’t quite go all the way around like other ones do. They’re both a brick red background with black writing. The two labels are slightly different though, the top label has a matte look to it, while the front label is glossy. I don’t think of ever seen this from a pomade before. The lid label has “Deluxe” in cursive writing and “pomade” below it in block text. Above that in big white letters it says “Made in USA.” I love when companies put where the product is made on it. At the bottom it says “the clean and tidy look.” also in white lettering. The front label is basically the same without the white text on it. Instead it has the ingredients and size info on the left side, and the website and an American flag on the right side. Very simple yet asked that aesthetically pleasing label, I like this one a lot.

Deluxe Pomade open can

The pomade itself is a creamy off-white waxy pomade. It looks a little bit like the old Steel Toe formula, just slightly more cream colored. Hopefully it works like that stuff did, because that’s my favorite pomade! I love the smell of this one as well! I’m kind of bummed at how little is actually in the tin though. It’s only a little more than half full. It has a really nice powdery meant sent to it. You can also smell the beeswax in it as well. Really nice scent in my opinion, it’s not like other minty scents. Has more of a subtle powdery smell to it.

Deluxe Pomade

It feels a lot like Sodapomp when you dig it out of the tin. It has a really nice waxy texture to it, while also feeling creamy. I have a feeling I’m going to like this pomade. I didn’t notice much of a change in the sent once I dug it out of the tin. And my hands it felt like I had mixed Doc Elliot’s pomade and Sodapomp. The texture was so awesome! Creamy, waxy, smooth, tacky, just awesome! I almost didn’t want to stop rubbing my hands together it a had such a perfect texture to it.

It goes in your hair a lot like Sodapomp does. You can spread it around pretty evenly with just your hands, but it does have a waxy resistance to it. It seems to have a pretty nice shine when you apply it too! Hopefully it will stay that way once I comb my hair up. When you start combing your hair you feel the wax in the pomade. It has a pretty tough resistance at first then smooths out after a little bit of combing. It does retain it’s waxy tacky feel to it all throughout combing it in. It feels a lot like combing Schmiere’s Hart pomade.

Deluxe Pomade pomp

I was able to get a pretty nice hairdo going with this pomade. And my cowlick seemed to be tamed fairly well with it! Finally! Nice height, decently round, matte shine, nothing really to complain about. So far this stuff seems to be just about perfect. It’s acting a lot like Steel Toe does in my hair right out of the gate. I had quite a few errands to run, so I was outside for most of the day. For the most part my hair didn’t really move it all. The only part that really moved was my cowlick. Whatever, it wasn’t the front part of my hair that split. It was up on top of my pomp, so I didn’t really notice it until I was told. The matte shine lasted all day long. I was kind of surprised that it did though, usually they will get a little bit shinier throughout the day.

Deluxe Pomade pomp

I really like tell my hair felt with this stuff in it. It reminds me a lot of Steel Toe. This stuff doesn’t quite work as well as my hair as Steel Toe does, but it’s pretty darn close! I’m definitely glad I had the opportunity to get some of this pomade. I highly suggest that if any of you come across an opportunity to get some of this stuff that you jump at that opportunity. It is a discontinued pomade, and it’s a really good pomade too. So make sure you don’t pass up the chance! Well were at the halfway mark with the next pomade!

Keep that tidy look fellas,




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