Back again with a DAX product guys. This time I am going with another personal favorite. It’s their Super-Neat Hair Creme/”Purple DAX.” Which is another water based/soluble product from them. After going through almost my whole tin, I realized I hadn’t reviewed this one yet. So I got ahold of Don over at DAX and he sent me a brand new tin of it to review.

DAX Super Neat Hair Creme Top Label

This one comes in their standard, colored, slip cover tin. This time the tin is purple, which is why it’s the “purple DAX.” This tin is slightly different in shape than the others though. The lid’s stamp isn’t as pronounced as the others, it’s significantly shorter and wider. The layout of this one is very similar to the other ones, colored background and white lettering. “DAX” is up on top then below that it says “Super-Neat” with “Hair Creme” below that and finally “made for short to medium length hair.” On the lid, is the main difference, it says “water rinseable formula” along the side of the lid, instead of jus “DAX.” Like the other DAX products the lid design/the name is also on the side of the tin, along with the directions. And on the bottom of the tin are the ingredients, company info and the overseas info. Being a big fan of purple this tin is my favorite. It would be really awesome if they had one in a black tin!!!!

DAX Super Neat Hair Creme open can

When you pull the lid off of this one you’re met with a cream colored cream, or creme, whichever you prefer. Now you can see that there’s bubbles in this cream, however, the last can I had didn’t have them. But as most of you know, sometimes companies change recipes or filling methods etc etc. And every once in a while even my own pomade will develop some bubble on the surface from pouring it into the tin. So I’m sure this one will be just the same as the last can. This one also has the plastic insert like their Hair Shaper did. I’m guessing they put this in because of it being a water based/soluble product. This is one of the cleanest, freshest smells I’ve come across from a pomade, well cream actually. It’s a really nice smell, but hard to describe other than clean and fresh smelling.

DAX Super Neat Hair Cream

Digging my finger into this cream was completely different from what I was expecting. I thought it would be somewhere in between something like the Lucky-13 cream and their Hair Shaper in texture. However, this stuff felt more like a grease! And I mean that in every aspect. It was light, greasy, shiny, and pulled apart like greases do. It really perplexed me when I grabbed it out of the tin, but definitely in a good way. I just wasn’t expecting that texture.

Even working it around in my hands it was like a grease. It spread nice and thin and was still kind of greasy. It even turned whiter like a lot of greases do, and the scent got nice and strong when I was spreading it around my hands. It makes me wonder if this one is going to be “water rinseable” or if it will be like other ones that don’t rinse out with water.

DAX Super Neat Hair Cream pomp

As I ran my hands over my hair I was again surprised. It didn’t go in like a grease, my hair kind of soaked it up like the Johnny B cream. Then it streaked in my hair slightly, but not white streaks, creamy greasy streaks. I had to comb quite a few times to work them all in, but they worked in pretty easily. And it combed in and around just as easy as every other cream, quite a bit easier than a grease does. These are some of the reasons this is one of my favorites by DAX.

This stuff is on the lighter side of pomades, so it doesn’t have a whole lot of hold. It will get you a low-medium profile pomp though. And it is recombable so you don’t have to worry too much if it falls or moves a little bit, because you can put it right back into place. Definitely a plus for me, as I tend to find a way to mess up my hair at some point throughout the day and need to recomb it.

DAX Super Neat Hair Cream pomp

Another one of my favorite things about this DAX product is the shine it gives your hair. The first picture I took didn’t really show the shine at all so I took another one while I was at work, right after someone commented on how shiny my hair was. In the bright light and sun this stuff makes your hair gleam up like a chrome bumper!

So as I stated before this is another of my personal favorites from DAX. I really love it because of how different it is from everything out there. It’s got a great smell to it, works around like a grease, combs really well, recombs great and multiple times, shines up my hair a lot, can be used as a stand alone/topper/base and it washes out of you hair with just water! It’s basically a washable grease. I mean what’s not to love?! Plus, it comes in a really cool looking tin!

And I highly recommend you go grab a tin straight away, because this stuff is worth every penny and doesn’t hardly cost anything. It’s more than reasonably priced for how well it performs. And that’s why I like DAX so much, they have great prices, awesome customer service and fantastic products. I haven’t come across one I haven’t liked.

Until the next one!




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