Hey guys today I’m reviewing one of the DAX products, I’m going with green and gold. This is probably one of my favorite products by this company. Which may be the reason I went with this one first over their lightest, short and neat.

DAX Green and Gold Hair Wax Top Can

This one comes in their usual colored, slip cover metal tins. The colors on this one are a vibrant royal green background and gold writing. It’s got the name on the lid and the front of the tin and on the back it has the directions. The bottom of the tin has the ingredients and all the companies information. It’s a bright yellow pomade, almost as bright as highlighter. I’ve never seen a pomade this color before, but the neon is a cool touch! A light, sweet floral scent is what your net with when you sniff this one. Not a foofy floral, but more like the subtleness of roses or a flower like that. Pretty good scent, definitely unique too.

DAX Green and Gold Hair Wax open can

Getting it out of the tin was awesome! It has a really nice waxy consistency but it’s not super stiff or tacky it’s actually got kind of a silky texture to it. But you can tell from the texture that you’re going to get a really good hold with this wax. It gets a little stickier in your palms though, but comes off easily and doesn’t just stick on the first part of your hair that you run your hands over. It actually coats your hair nicely and fairly evenly.

Dax Green and Gold Hair Wax

This stuff has really decent hold to it too, and is pretty malleable. It held my hair nice and high, but wasn’t rigid. You’re also able to comb this pomade multiple times throughout the day if you want to. It tames all the little flyaways and cowlicks very well too. You can see the hairs on the side of my head are slicked really close.

DAX Green and Gold Hair Wax Pomp

This pomade is great for all kinds of styles. It reminds me of Bees Knees Pomade with the way it works great for slick-backs, comb-overs, pomps, parts and wedges. Definitely a great and versatile pomade, which is why it’s my favorite DAX product. Plus, it has a little shine to it along with its hold making a really fantastic product in my eyes.

DAX Green and Gold Hair Wax Pomp side





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