"Water-Soluble-Oil-Based" - By James Bui

Allow me to introduce to you, DapperMAN Premium Pomade.

We’ve been noticing a small rise of water-based products that never dry and thus, better simulate an oil-based product. However, this one is the opposite. It is an oil-based (literally, it mostly oils…not petrol) that can be washed out easily in one shower. ‘Tis true…I tried it. And this makes it a unique — think Dax Super Neat with hold.

Dapper Man Premium Pomade can

So, here’s the jar. Ehhh design work and I’m guessing it’s a 3 oz. jar…still haven’t been able to find the sizing label on the jar. Maybe I’m blind or some shit. The goop inside is…well…weird looking — like bad cream cheese. It’s also real sponge-like as you scoop it out, but it’ll smear into a nice sticky paste later on with agitation.

The smell was all nifty and shit at first…but it got real annoying later on. It straight up smells like lychee. Google it if you don’t know what it is. Straight up fruity as fuck with a underlying sense of creaminess. Sounds nice, but I’m not a fan of fruity shit.

Dapper Man Premium Pomade open can


I thought it was going to be alright during application, but as you will see in the video…IT FUCKING HURT! Damnnn…I suppose it was due to the overall stickiness of the goop because it felt like I was just pulling hairs. Downside is that this isn’t even a heavyweight product, it shouldn’t be a hassle to apply.


Time. Despite all this, I actually didn’t take too long to style the product. I think it was just luck, but using this product reminds me a lot of Tancho. It’s real slick but needs some fine handiwork to get it right.

Slickness. Slicker than your average oil-based. I guess that’s what you get for such a sticky product. It also has a good amount of shine. Yeah. It’s pretty effing slick.

Strength. It’s a medium. Normally, this allows for a much more natural and spherical pompadour…but this stuff is just so sticky. The sides were held down beautifully while the pomp just couldn’t overpower the product enough to shape up nicely.

Dapper Man Premium Pomade pomp

Dapper Man Premium Pomade pomp

Dapper Man Premium Pomade pomp

Dapper Man Premium Pomade pomp


Despite the inconveniences, DapperMAN Premium Pomade is still a product worth trying. It’s interesting to see someone trying to go the opposite way from what we’ve seen and expected — oil-based that’s water-soluble.

For more information on the product, check it here.

-James Bui A.K.A. The Pomp



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