It’s made by the same company that makes Royal Crown, J Strickland & Co. It also comes in their signature 5oz cardboard tin with metal lid. It’s got the red lid like Royal Crown’s Pomade. On the front it’s got an old retro looking white sign that says “Blue Magic” in blue ink and the “Pressing Oil” is in red ink. There’s also some stars on and around the white sign. Gotta say I love this style of tin and wish I had bulk amounts of them for the pomade that I make!

Blue Magic Pressing Oil can

Opening it up it’s just like its name, blue. It’s got a different smell to it though. It’s not like Royal Crown Hair Dressing or any other light pomade I’ve come across. It reminds me of soapy talcum powder. Like I said, weird smell.

Blue Magic Pressing Oil open can

Grabbing this stuff out of the tin it’s feels a lot like Tres Flores Brilliantine. However it spreads in your palms like a hair dressing does, it reminded me of Murray’s Exelento. Combing it in was a breeze! Probably the easiest pomade to comb in that I’ve used so far.

Blue Magic Pressing Oil

Styling with it was really nice, I dug the smell of it and how easy it was to work into all of my hair. Now I decided not to go with a pomp for this stuff. I wanted to go with a “gentleman’s part” today. My grandfather used to style his hair like this and so did his dad. The part that’s not quite on the side or in the center. Now my grandad used to use boar’s hair brushes to slick his curly hair all the way down to his head, but I didn’t do that.

Blue Magic Pressing Oil pomp

I just used a regular comb to comb it back, make my part and then comb it to the sides a bit. I did however, use a boar’s hair brush to get the sides nice and slicked down. I just like that in a hair do like this one when the sides are skin tight. It’s uber “gentleman,” in my opinion.

Blue Magic Pressing Oil pomp

Anyway enough of my ranting we’re supposed to be talking about the product. I really liked how shiny it was and how it had more texture and potential hold than I thought it would. The smell was also pretty nice. However, this stuff was pretty hard for me to find and my wife HATES the smell! So I don’t think I will use this one that often. But for you guys that can find it regularly, go grab a can of this stuff cause its pretty good!

Blue Magic Pressing Oil pomp

Hope this review was helpful!

Take it easy guys!




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