"Amazing For The Money" -By James Bui

Black & White Hair Dressing - Genuine Pluko Pomade

 As you guys already know, I typically review a lot of homebrews or small-batch brewers here on this blog — this is done for two reasons. They are who I’d like to showcase/feature on this blog. And those are the brands you guys (as my readers) are less likely to know about already. I don’t and won’t review super common items such as Murray’s Superior because I’d REALLY encourage you guys to go out and try it out for yourself.

For this review, I made an exception to my trend due to your guys’ recommendations and my own curiosity in Black & White. It’s a classic that recently celebrated their 90th anniversary in 2012 — in conclusion, I needed to try it. So, with the help of Pomade.com, I was able to bring you this review.

Right off the bat, I noticed that this was a pretty effing big jar. At 200 mL, this pomade jar weighs in at effing 6.75 oz. which tops any other regular size jar I’ve seen. Plus, it’s a pretty damn nice jar. I like the way it looks — nice and clean design. I admire the twist top because I just have a personal preference for twist-top caps.

Opening it up, the goop is a semi-transparent cream. I was expecting this pomade to somewhat resemble Royal Crown Hair Dressing — which I hate. Upon scooping it out though, I noticed right away that it was thicker and even more so than Royal Crown Pomade. That was good, but the effing smell was bad.

I don’t enjoy my hair smelling like baby powder. The smell of Black & White resembles Royal Crown Hair Dressing in this area. I really dislike the smell of both. It’s nothing to like…scrunch your nose to…but at the same time, it’s not pleasant. If you have a cologne or some other aroma-type of thing, then this will be good because it won’t conflict.

This stuff scooped out smoothly. As I said before, it felt like a thicker version of Royal Crown Pomade. It had a paste-y texture in comparison to RC which is really greasy and oily. Obviously, with this consistency, it was really easy into the hair and problem-free to comb through. Smooth in. Smooth throughout.

Time. Honestly, it took about the average time to style my hair. Even for being as light as it is, styling with this product didn’t require an excessive amount of time in comparison to any other pomade. I was light, compliant, and styled predictably.

Slickness. Black and white receives high marks in this category. You won’t see any strands in the photos that were due to a lack of slickness. BUT you will see a strand or two due to lack in strength. Note: the difference is that the loose strand will either peel out and down (lack of strength) or frill out and up (lack of slickness). What I mean is with a strong and not slick product, it keeps the hair up but doesn’t do well to keep it all together. Ya feel me?

Strength. This pomade provided me just enough strength to style my hair. Not a low conservative pomp but a nice good height pompadour. The hold won’t and didn’t last the entire day for me; however, this comes at cost for most light pomades. At least the shape was real nice.

Hair Styled With Black & White Hair Dressing Pomade

Hair Styled With Black & White Hair Dressing Pomade - Side View

In terms of the bare basics, I was able to style my hair fantastically. But the fine marks…the small characteristics that make a pomade exceptional, this pomade lacks. The scent is unpleasant. The feel while in use is greasy and somewhat uncomfortable. BUT…

At almost 7 oz. for $15 and being a great product, this is probably the best price per pomade ounce you’ll find. If you don’t mind the minor discomforts, you got yourself a fine ass pomade that gives you a great pompadour, lends for nice round shape, and put a good sheen on it all.

If you’re in high school and got an income of zero, this will be your best bet. Plus shipping is free on pomade.com so you won’t feel bad for not finding it locally.

-James Bui A.K.A. The Pomp



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