Today’s review will be a water based product recommended by Edgar, or Mr. Pomade, from This diverges a bit from my usual oil based product reviews, but I wanted to try something new and different.

From their website, Mr Natty Dub Hair Preparation is mentioned to have a combination of characteristics from their two products: Mr Natty Pomade Wax and Mr Natty Clay. James has done a review for the Pomade Wax, but since I haven’t tried either, this will be a fresh take on the Dub Hair Preparation.


The product comes from Britain, which means its sized in a 100ml aluminum jar, equivalent to about 3.38 oz. Mr Natty hair products all follow the same crowded design, changing only the color and name accordingly. The Dub Hair Preparation is designated as a solid blue. Labels are stuck to the top (name) and bottom (directions/ingredients).


Vanilla. soft and smooth, very similar to vanilla scented lotions.


Natty Dub is waxy, but strangely holds a bit of oil-like properties. Rubbing it through the palms creates the dry-pasty consistency of a wax but it has the stickiness and shine like an oil-based.


Dry: No pains given that the intent of the product was to be versatile. If you’re going for the “I didn’t spend any time this morning on my hair” look, the application will be quick and easy.

Wet: Even smoother. Runs through the hair as if you weren’t applying anything at all. I was worried about how the hold was going to be since there was a lack of actual hair-to-product feel to the application.


Dry: You get the messy and loose look. You do not get the slickness. My hair began to curl even more after applying the product.

Wet: With the weight of the water and the hold of the product, you get a good amount of slickness. As the water evaporated however, there were a couple of strays to be found. The wet application does create for a more slick look nonetheless.


Dry: Almost to none. The matte look game is strong.

Wet: More apparent initially, but as the water disappeared, you begin to revert back to a dry, matte finish.


Borderline light to medium. The product has enough strength to hold up a pompadour, but a very loose one, as the product intended to. It’s not quite suited for my type of hair as the waves do create too loose of a style.


Its ability to maintain a constant look is not that strong because it wasn’t intended to. If you’re looking for a more casual look, this product will give you that. For a pompadour that is intended to stay put throughout the day, this won’t do.


With the molding capabilities of a wax and the hold of a light pomade, the Dub Hair Preparation allows for continual restylability throughout the day.

Quality of Buildup

It's mostly water based. Washes out with ease.


One shower= no more product


This is my first review of a water based product after my attempt at Suavecito. Mr Natty Dub Hair Preparation is more suitable to those looking for a natural, matte look for a very loose hairstyle. Although it isn’t suited for my hair at the moment, I do intend to hold onto this for when my hair is shorter or for my lazy days. It has great potential to work for those with finer/straighter hair. The product does what its advertised to do.

Dry Photos:

Wet Photos



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sounds like the adventure is rellay starting. I haven’t had my hair cut for a year now and have of intention having it done any time soon, but that hair-plucking thing, maybe I could use that

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