This is the 2nd time I’ve been able to use this product, and overall, I would say I’m quite satisfied, but not crazily impressed. To get right into it, Grants Golden Brand “Medium Blend Pomade” does what its suppose to. The pomade comes in a 4 oz. plastic container with a very different design from its usual.



Labeled as a Custom Royal Hawaiian Scent. Straight up coconut dominant.


Very standard of a medium hold water-based pomade. not too thick or gel-like.


3 finger tips worth of product got the job done. Combing was an easy and painless product as with many water-based products.


Aside from the areas where I’m expecting strays due to my recent haircut, the pomade does a solid job of holding things neatly down.


Advertised as a natural shine, and that’s pretty much what you get. It’s a very, very subtle shine, but once the product starts drying, you get the matte look.


Medium hold. More on the medium-strong hold, but still quite not enough for what I want.


After a couple of hours, I did notice a bit of stray hairs here and there because it was a bit of an active day for me. My guess is that the product loses its hold as it “dries” even more, giving way to the strays.


As it does dry up, restyling is a bit of a challenge even with water. You lose that initial strength you once had with the original application.

Quality of Buildup

Washes out with a shower.


It’s a water-based pomade that performs just as its advertised to do. I’m not surprised nor am I blown away by anything from this product. I enjoy the coconut smell, the slickness, and the matte shine. Overall, I’d say it’s a solid product. My guess is that it’ll fair better for those with more manageable hair (no waves) or those with thinner hair. If I wasn’t moving around so much during the day, I’d definitely use this on a daily basis.



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