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Mr. Pomade: How has the change in production been since you started? Will you make the transition into doing this full time? What was your previous employment?

Zachary: I started Shear Revival by ordering a couple ingredients first off of amazon just to try stuff out in my kitchen. We've made leaps and bounds since then haha. I now have an area set up in my home strictly for brewing/formulating/shipping/etc. I would absolutely love to transition this into a full time job. It's a dream I aspire to. I have never felt more accomplished then I do right now with the growth I've seen in Shear Revival. There's a lot of work a head to accomplish that but it's something I am looking extremely forward to. I've been a hairstylist/barber for 8 years now. I currently work for a salon professional haircare company doing education and product knowledge as well as platform work at various trade shows that we do all year long.

Mr. P: Would you explain your labels for us, and where does "The One Who Knocks" come from?

Zachary: Our design work is something that gets me psyched every time I look at one of my products. I work with Dan King, an amazing graphic designer and friend. When I decided to upgrade the packaging of the products Dan was the first person I thought of. I wanted to make sure there was iconography used for each product. Each of my grooming products are Old English nicknames or references to jobs. For example "Sawbones" is a doctor, "Bluejacket" is a reference to someone in the navy. My pomades are all pop culture references. The One Who Knocks is a Breaking Bad reference. It's a self-proclaimed nickname from the main character Walter White. I absolutely recommend looking it up on YouTube. I can't do the scene any justice haha

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Mr. P: How pleased were you to upgrade the labeling?

Zachary: There are no words to express how excited and thrilled I was the first time I put the line together with all the new labels and packaging. I really love the newly designed labels cause they still "pay homage" to the original hand-stamped ones and that was something Dan and I wanted to make sure of when revamping the line.

Mr. P: How Much does the customer feedback play into your current line? Like the cutting back on the amount of fragrance of TOWK?

Zachary: I always love to get feedback. This line started because of feedback from my friends so I do hold what people say close to my heart. Whether it be positive, negative, or anything in between, I believe it should play a roll in your products development. TOWK's fragrance is a prime example of that. I've received tons of amazing feedback about it. People saying they loved the pomade but the scent was just a little too strong for them was the most reoccurring. I decided to answer back by cutting back on it. It's still the same fragrance, it's just not as aromatic as it initially was upon its release. I think constant development is an incredible thing to be able to do. Everyday you learn something new, you should forever be a constant work in progress in your profession. The second you think you know all you need to, you should stop doing it.

Mr. P: What is beard oils purpose for the uninformed, and is yours up to par?

Zachary: I like to tell people to think of beard oil as a conditioning treatment for your hair and skin. What it does is helps soften up your hair and prevent dryness in your skin without being overly oily. I absolutely think mine is up to par. I researched every ingredient in the oils I make and made sure the blend of essential oils were top notch in working for not only your hair but your skin as well. I geared Sawbones Beard Oil to coarse hair and dry skin, while Bluejacket Beard Oil was made for finer hair and sensitive skin.

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Mr. P: Are there any plans to even further expand your line?

Zachary: Absolutely! In 2015 I will have 4 new pomades out. A Hair Dressing, Light Hold, Heavy Hold, and a Water Based. My fiancé has also since gotten on board with Shear Revival and is helping me create a women's line for the Beauty side. She's got 3 products under way and we're both super excited about it!

Mr. P: Talk to us about your music. I see you even made some Shear Revival guitar picks?

Zachary: I did! They came out amazing haha. I've been playing in bands since I was about 12. I even gave it a shot at touring full time before going to hair school. I'm now currently playing in two bands, Athletics, an ambient post rock band on Deep Elm Records, and Ghost House, a punk band signed to Intheclouds Records. The whole Punk Rock DIY Ethic I grew up with definitely came with me in the business aspect of Shear Revival.

Mr. P: Whats the last record you listened to?

Zachary: "Bloom & Breathe" by my friends in gates came out in October and man, it's so good. I can't stop listening to it.

Mr. P: Whats the last thing you want people to know about Shear Revival?

Zachary: I want people to know Shear Revival comes from a hair care background. Meaning all of our products are fortified with ingredients to not only make your hair/beard/skin look great but to work as an added health benefit. I'm very big into the ingredients in my products and what they do for you. So if you ever have any questions about why I use what I use feel free to get in touch. Also, for everyone who has supported us this far, I wouldn't be able to do this without you. This little idea of mine has taken off into places and opportunities I never thought would be available and I'm so thankful for all of you. Edgar, again man, this was amazing. Thanks so much for your constant support.

-Zachary West

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