Statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse at Disneyland

I was fortunate enough to be able to go to world famous Disneyland this weekend. Was it a bit pricey? Yes. Did I have a blast though? You better believe it. It had been some time since my last visit but the family and I decided on a return to the theme park. It`s still beautiful.

We arrived as early as we could to enjoy as much as possible. Walking around a bit to reacquaint ourselves before we got on any rides. We ventured down Main Street to Tomorrowland and off to Toontown where we finally decided to get on the oldie but goodie first, It`s A Small World.

Disneyland attractions Small World, Tomorrowland, Toontown, and the spinning teacups

A little boat ride that takes you on a journey to see a bit of the cultures of the world around us. Some of the rides and attractions were closed due to refurbishments which is to be expected with such a big park. Yet, one day would not be enough to take in all that there is, especially if you are going to visit both parks.

Disneyland Live Jazz Street band performance at Disney's California Adventure

We decided to head on over to Disney`s California Adventure after a while. Not too far after entering there was a music band playing old tunes a whole new set of shops, attractions and rides. First ride was the Hollywood Tower for us, what a blast, a must try for anyone who goes. Next to that was “a bug`s land” which is cleverly made to make you feel like an ant and on to Cars Land. A place so vibrant at night it`s astounding even to just walk through.


Disney's California Adventure Cars land and Hollywood tower of terror attractions

Waiting times on rides weren`t as bad as I thought. We literally got on rides like the The Haunted Mansion and It`s A Small World in about 5 minutes time. Other rides like Indiana Jones and The Pirates Of The Carribean were a bit longer. The same goes for both parks. Hollywood Tower was about a 40 minute wait while Goofy`s Sky School was 10. Each and every ride never disappointed and was worth every minute

Disney's California Adventure Mickey mouse ferris wheel and screaming california roller coaster

Disney California Adventure finding nemo jellyfish ride


I can`t forget to tell you about another part, not the parks, but Downtown Disney. An outdoor mall if you will, of Disney shops and restaurants as Rainforest Café or Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen whose food you get to enjoy as the jazz band plays.

Downtown Disney Jazz kitchen restaurant

Just to walk out and catch one of the street artist preform. This particular night there was a gentleman who went by Brother Yusef ( playing some foot stomping blues with all his heart right across from the acclaimed Anaheim House Of Blues.

Disneyland will salute 60 years of Disney magic this July 17th. Leading to new nighttime spectaculars making their in-park debuts. I`m definitely thinking of coming back soon to catch what will be. There is something for everyone here, from a small child to the child within you. It’s a must visit at at least one time in one`s life. From the rides to the parades to just the characters of everyone`s youth, Disneyland is a special experience best shared with loved ones.

A farewell to Mickey mouse and Walt Disney




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