Here we have Miles Coltrane from reviewing Manshine Pomade. 

Open can of manshine showing its cream colored pomade

This pomade comes in a small metal tin with classic sticker branding. The design is simple and clean. I popped open the lid and noticed that this pomade has almost like a frosty texture. This was the first pomade I have ever got that this texture. The scent is quite nice. I can best describe this scent as coconut and cucumber. I know it sounds odd but trust me, the scent is heavenly! I really dig this. I scooped a good amount and rubbed this stuff well in my hands. I noticed that frostiness becomes almost liquid. I applied to this stuff really easy and it went on almost like applying oil to my hair. Styling with this was ridiculously easy and took no effort at all. The shine on this is unreal! This is maybe the most shiniest water base pomade I have ever used! We shall see how well this holds up.

front shot of Miles Coltranes hair styled with Manshine Pomade
close up of mile's hair


Scent: 5/5 Points

side view of miles hair

I love this scent! It is very earthy and a perfect balance of a true masculine scent. I strongly feel this will be a great scent for all men.

Hold:3.5/5 Points

sidepart view of miles hair

The reason I would rate this as such is because it is labeled as a strong hold when to me this is more of a light/medium hold. It did retain the shape of my pomp but was not stiff.

Manageability: 5/5 Points

view of top of miles hair

Super easy to restyle. Just comb your hair the way you desire.

Value: 3/5

To be honest, 2.6 ounces for 20 bucks is a little high. The product is dope but 4 ounces would be more fair for the price.

Final Rating: 16.5/20 Points

This stuff is good. My only thing would be to label this as a light/medium hold and give us a bit more product. I like this stuff a lot and would buy it again if they would add more pomade. This stuff gets my approval though.




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