Whiskey Wax Pomade by Mad Men Barbershop review by Miles Coltrane.

Whiskey Wax pomade is a water soluble pomade first and foremost. I was a bit confused since it had the word wax in it's title but it’,s all good. This pomade comes in a amber colored plastic container packed with 4 ounces of creamy goodness. I swiveled off the lid and got a nice refreshing scent. This is a very light scent with a subtle hint of whiskey. I am enjoying the scent for sure.

Open Can of Mad Men Barbershop Whiskey Wax

I scooped up a nice amount and noticed this stuff is smooth and soft. The pomade when rubbed with both hands becomes so creamy and the scent gets better with body heat from your hands. Applying this stuff is so nice as well, usually with water base pomades you get your hair kinda tacky and it feels like you are ripping your scalp when you comb it. This stuff has to be the most softest pomade to comb in, almost like using hair cream. Combing your hair with this stuff is so easy! I didn’t need a long time to style my hair into a nice pomp. The shine on this is superb. It’s not super glossy but it definitely looks good. Usually with water base pomades you get more of a matte finish. Now let's see how this does throughout the day.

photo of pomp
Top view of sidepart using Whiskey Wax


Scent: 5/5 Points

Wow! Just the right amount of whisky scent without being to empowering. I am glad it is nice and subtle. I would hate smelling like a jack and coke all day. I wouldn’t mind drinking a jack and coke, just don’t want smelling like one.

Hold: 5/5 Points

Front view of pomp using Whiskey Wax

I honestly classify this one as a medium hold and not strong hold. I do love that my hair looks semi natural without looking like the hair you see on the lego figurine.

Manageability: 5/5 Points

Side view of sidepart

I was able to restyle my hair with no issue. You want to change up your do? Just add a little water and a comb and you can do what you want. Super easy to change.

Value: 4/5 Points

I am giving this part a 4 just because it is on the pricer side for water base pomades. It is quality product though. 20 bucks for 4oz.

Final Rating: 19/20 Points

So there you have it, an almost perfect pomade. Like I said, this is a bit more pricier compared to other water base products but the quality and hold are stellar. I do see myself using this pomade on special occasions just not as an everyday staple just because I don’t want to go poor. This pomade sure does get my approval despite it all.





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