Bixby combs lined up diagonally

If you're looking for a quality, well built comb that will comb every hair to a tee, then look no further. Bixby combs are precisely engineered for optimum drag and each Bixby comb is skilfully carved and heat formed by craftsmen using traditional hand shaping techniques. Bixby uses ZYL material which is synthesized from pulverized cotton and tree fibers, the material has gained notoriety as the choice for combs, eyeglass frames and accessories because of its hypo-allergenic and environmentally friendly properties. We've carried a few batches of these combs and we can tell you that each is just as unique as the other, no two combs are the same. Once a specific color themed batch of combs is sold out there is no more, so take the opportunity if you see a bixby comb color you like and grab one with your favorite pomade.Bixby combs lined up vertically Bixby Combs Tin presentation case



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