Miles Coltrane from reviews Lockhart's Heavy Hold Pomade:

This pomade comes packaged in a flat black tin with their classic branding. I love how Lockhart's keeps it simple and classic with their packaging. I screwed off the lid and saw this pomade is an off white color. The scent to me is a subtle coconut scent and it is quite nice.

open can of lockhart's heavy hold pomade

Scooping this stuff out was not hard at all and I was able to get a nice quarter size amount to coat my hair with. I broke this stuff down nicely by just rubbing my hands together. I noticed that the scent got a little richer and was enjoying it a lot. The combing progress was not rough and only experienced a little tug and pull, which is typical with heavy holds. I was able to get some nice firm height with this stuff and just by first glance, I loved how my hair looks. There is very faint shine on this pomade and it goes well this pomade. I know today will be a hot day in Los Angeles and I am curious to see how it holds up throughout the day. Usually oil base pomades warp a bit I am giving this the tough test since it’s meant to be tough pomade.

Lockhart's Heavy Hold Pomp



Scent: 5/5 Points

I dig the coconut scent. This scent is not overpowering and it won’t clash for you guys that love to wear signature colognes.


Hold: 5/5 Points

Lockhart's Heavy Hold Pomade Pomp

First of all, today was really hot and humid. With that being said, my hair did not have any issues at all. This hold is excellent. To be honest, I expected some strays but was happy and surprised that wasn’t the case.

Lockhart's Heavy Hold Pomade Pomp


Manageability: 5/5 Points

Lockhart's Heavy Hold Pomade Pomp

The breakdown and combing process was not hard at all. I’m not saying it’s easy combing with heavy hold pomades, but this one was not bad at all.

Lockhart's Heavy Hold Pomade Pomp


Value: 5/5 Points


15 bucks for 4oz is great


 Final rating: 20/20 Points

We got a winner here! I can see myself buying another tin of this when I run out of it. I do love hold on this pomade and love the scent. There is no suggestion or thing I would change on this. I suggest this pomade for guys out there who want strong oil based pomade that won’t let you down. This gets my seal of approval.



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