I was very fortunate to have a moment with Steve Lockhart creator and owner of Lockhart's Authentic Pomade, a Michigan based company, we discuss current and future plans and what its taken to get to where he is now.

New Lockhart's Professional Line up Hair Products

Mr. P: What is the motivation behind the new line that you are releasing?

Lockhart: Before I answer that I'd first like to thank you Edgar (Mr. Pomade) for all that you've done for the ever growing pomade community. Onto the question. Our motivation behind the new "Lockhart's Professional" lineup was and is to simply keep up with the demands of the loyal Lockhart's Legion. Since very early on (remember Lion Tamer?) we've received requests for water soluble products, and we've finally reached the time where we can answer the call. We've also begun to focus more on our barbershop clientele who needs products that work well, wash off easy, and who's customers have shown an increased demand for water soluble products. We wanted to offer something unique however, not something copy and paste, but products that work unlike any others and I believe these products do just that.

Mr. P: Can you explain to the customers a little about the new products that are being released and any future plans to expand the line?

Lockhart: Certainly. The new Water Based Pomade is a very unique beast. We could discuss the development process itself for a very, very, very long time. Since our development began we've watched others release water based products and have been fortunate to discover what it really was that people were looking for in these products. Because of that we've gone back to the drawing board more times than I'd like to count. Anyways, the pomade looks, feels, and performs pretty similar to a slightly heavier version of our medium hold pomade and yet it's fully water soluble. The hold will last all day and your hair won't feel like straw once it's washed out. The hold does "lock in" but it doesn't turn into helmet head, it's more of a gummy sensation, hard to explain that aspect really, guess you just got to use it and find out for yourself! The Matte Clay is different from other clays on the market, it's actually more of a Clay Balm. Most clays suck all of the moisture out of your hair to give it that weightless look. Ours on the other hand actually moisturize the hair while leaving a nice matte sheen and textured style. It allows the hair to flow naturally and feel healthy and soft instead of gritty. And the final piece of the "Professional" lineup is the Hair Groom which has amassed its fair share of loyalist due to the all natural and multipurpose qualities of this product. It can be used as a stand-alone product for a classic hair cream look, as a topper to add some serious shine, as a degreasing product to break down heavy buildup (although it's not fully water soluble, it makes degreasing much easier), it can also be used to rejuvenate the previous days buildup of pomade, and it can also be used as a beard/moustache balm to soften and strengthen whiskers and the skin beneath the beard. As far as future products go we've got a long list of new products we'd like to release and we're really just trying to time the releases appropriately. Most of our plans we try to keep on the DL but we're strongly considering a lineup of shampoo and conditioner (tea tree, peppermint, lavender, something awesome like that) for our next endeavor. We're also brainstorming some unisex products at the moment in order to broaden our horizons and push new boundaries.

Lockhart's Professional Water Based Hair PomadeLockhart's Professional Hair Groom

Mr. P: You have new packaging for the new products, was there any major difference working with these than your normal tins?

Lockhart: There weren't too many new obstacles we encountered with the new jars as opposed to tins other than they can be a bit temperamental with high heat. Wasn't a big deal though, turn down the temperature, problem solved! Tins actually became difficult to source during this whole process that was way more frustrating.

Mr. P: We have really enjoyed the different scents you released with your current products, what will we be getting with this water based pomade?

Lockhart: With the "Professional" lineup we've actually toned down and refined the scents to be able to work along with a person's cologne or fragrance of choice. The fragrance has top notes of citrus and lavender and earthy base notes that won't overwhelm your date, boss, client, buddies, whoever. The Matte Clay is even more subtle with hints of lavender and earthy base notes.

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Mr. P: Have you been any bumps in the road to creating a new line, venturing out of the kitchen brewing?

Lockhart: It's been frustrating at times and empowering at times. It was VERY IMPORTANT to us that we find a Michigan based family operated manufacturer, and the hunt was quite the task but we managed to find the perfect match for us right here in our home state. Other than our two essentials for finding the right team it was also important we develop something that we're 100% sure will be stable, safe, and have longevity (microtesting every batch was/is a must). The head chemists are sisters with a very impressive resume. It was interesting combining our "unorthodox" approach to their "orthodox" approach to hair products. It eventually became this really cool collaboration with people who we've gotten really close with (our families have seen some tough times these past few months and they've been a great support system). The end result of this "Unorthodox" meets "Orthodox" created what I call a "Paradox" Water Based Pomade and we wouldn't have been able to do it without them.

Mr. P: How good does it feel to know that goon grease is a smash?!

Lockhart: Man, my heads big enough as it is! For real, I wear a big hat. When I finalized the GOON GREASE formula I awoke out of bed for a late night brew session and it's bizarre to see what possibilities can come from a moment of insomnia! That little GOON fella has been so much fun developing and watching him grow! It seems like just yesterday the first batch rolled out of the kitchen. It really has been exciting to see the loyal following that Goon Grease has amassed over the years. Thanks again Edgar!  





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