Suavecito Premium Blends Packaging Box

We had the pleasure of being one of the first group of gentlemen to get our hands on the much anticipated Suavecito Premium Blends. After using it for over a week, here are some thoughts we have on Suavecito Premium Blends Pomade. First of the packaging is great, it gives off a great craft/ artisan feel, you can tell a lot of thought and work was put into the packaging and design of it.

Suavecito Premium Blends Box Detail

Reminiscent to that of the Prospectors Pomade line, another finely designed package. The tin features their signature Suavecito "S" embossed on the lid surrounded by Suavecito and Santa Ana, CA printed directly on lid.

Suavecito Premium Blends Hair Pomade

Upon opening the can you get a natural scent with hints of lavender and jojoba, it smells really good and doesn't overpower any cologne you might be wearing.

Dipping into the can you get a pomade that is white translucent which upon breaking down turns completely clear. Application of the pomade into the hair is really easy, it goes in clean and smooth, I found that the pomade actually holds better when the hair is damp.

Dipping into a can of Suavecito Premium Blends

The pomade holds true to the statement that it stays pliable all day, it does not dry, however the natural scent does fade away. I found that it performed well through a full work day, Premium Blends' hold and shine was still the same as when I applied it. One thing to note is when you wash it out it leaves your hair feeling better than other pomades, it leaves oils in your hair and you definitely don't get that dried out hair feeling that a lot of water soluble pomades give. Overall I think this is a solid product and would recommend it to everyone.



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