Rogue Sideshow Pomade Co.

Every batch is handmade, and there is a pomade to cover all hair types and styles. At this time four holds are available and each with their own very unique scent.

Rogue`s light hold pomade is the final edition to the original Rogue SideShow family and  is a white topped tin. Great for slick backs and contours also making a great topper when you want that extra greasy shine. This traditional light hair dressing offers a light peppermint/lavender scent.

Rogue`s medium hold pomade is the blue topped tin. Offering a nice hold and great control and a nice clean sheen, this pomade is fresh fruit and blackberry scented. A perfect balance of scent, not tending to be too over bearing nor sweet, just perfect.

Rogue`s heavy hold has a black topped tin with a high quality product made from only the highest quality ingredients available. Great holding for those thick or curly hair types, lending a nice one of a kind manly scent with a touch of sandal wood as well as blackberry sage. 

The H/H pomade by Rogue is the latest to the addition and offers a much heavier hold than the original black tin. A simple nice clean manly scent Ben calls Gentleman Sunday comes about from this one.



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