The Jadioc Pomade

Influenced to start trying out various new types of pomade due to the every day’s oily predicaments. The Jadioc Pomade picked its favorite features of the pomades that worked for them and decided to create their own formula: An effortless water soluble pomade. The Jadioc Pomade came about in 2015 after months of trial and error. Now that you understand the tale of this Malaysian pomade, it’s time to try it for yourself.

The Jadioc Original Pomade: A distinctive Honey Dew scented pomade with a velvety consistency and easy to comb. This golden colored pomade sets with a medium hold and a great shine.

The Jadioc Amar Edition Pomade: A velvety consistency cologne scented water soluble. An easy combing that supplies a strong hold. This pomade sets with the best strength, high shine and is easily washed out.



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