Jacknife Pomade

Ted McCann created California Coastal Supply Company (CaCoastalSupplyCo) in wanting better grooming products. A designer for the last 20 years in the music industry; owner of Bullet Cable. Standards, hard work, and passion achieved what they wanted. 100% natural pomade. 

Jacknife Pomade will moisturize and keep you hair flake free. After the top layer is broken into, this pomade lends into a softer scooping. Emulsifying is easy and hassle free, breaking down beautifully for a great application. This pomade has a great hold that can last all day and is for any style. Scented with a soft citrus that reminds me of a light creamsicle, amongst a light woodsy aroma as well. Second day build up will leave a conditioned feel and hold as a light, or add another scoop for more hold and style.



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