Omega Shave Products

The Omega Alum Stick has the ability to soothe shaving irritation and stop nicks and cuts from bleeding. Made in Italy, this conveniently comes in a protective plastic case to maintain cleanliness. A simple twist to open with a rounded shape for easy application. Can be used for something as simple as an odor remover, natural deodorant, facial toner or after shave. Simply wet the Alum with cold water and apply to face. A great self-use item as well as a great barbershop tool.

Pure Bristle Traveling Shave Brush is a boar bristle brush by Omega. This brush comes with a plastic handle and in its own plastic sheath for added protection. It’s an easily pop-out brush that is ready for use. Just rinse after use, dry properly, and reinsert into its case.

Omega Shave BrushesOmega Hi-Brush (0146113): Great for control with its ribbed chrome handle. A wonderful brush for the price and easy to care for. Great for those who have allergies to animal hair brushes. Chrome ribbed handle for greater grip and application.

Omega (10048):  A boar bristle brush with added comfort. This wide brush is simply controlled, whipping any shave cream or puck in its way. A chrome plated handle assures cleaning simplicity and maintenance.

(10049) Professional boar shave brush: A great and inexpensive gift idea. Perfect for a first time buyer or shaving novice. You won`t find a better brush for the price.



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