Established in 1972, Denman International Limited is part of the Denroy Group of Companies and is a private family owner business. Currently employing 160 people with headquarters in Bangor, North Ireland.

 Denman Brushes

DP4 Large 9 row Styling Brush- This superb brush has a black handle, red anti-static rubber and has 9 rows of nylon pins. Great for blow drying hair and ideal for regular to thinker hair.

D4P All black 9 row Styling Brush- Same perfection as the D4 Large 9 row Styling Brush just in the nice option of all black. These brushes are great for men and women.

D200 Flexible Vent Comb- Great for detangling hair of all lengths and type. Ideal for blow drying hair and an easily run through comb. A maintenance friendly and comfortable design.  

Denman Brushes/ Combs

8” Tail Comb- Ultra smooth for damage-free combing, this tail comb is made from high quality acetal material. The Denman precision combs are heat, chemical and impact resistant. This comb has finer teeth and tail to lend a hand in sectioning.

7” Small Cutting Comb- Another comb great for side parts and sectioning, coming with a half tooth. Finer teeth on one half of the comb and wider spacing on the other half.

8.5” Large Cutting Comb- This comb just might be one of the larger combs you will have in your collection. A great tool for previewing and cutting hairstyles.





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